T.B Joshua’s Ministry and the Battle for the World

It is no longer debatable among those that have experiences the Light that the ministry of senior Prophet T.B Joshua, of The Synagogue, Church of all Nations had been set aside by God as a mighty force against the evil plan of the devil for this present generation of God’s creation. And this has caused […]

air craft

Why The Synagogue Building Collapsed – Military Expert

Unexplained Collapse Of A Newly Built Multi-story Building At the Synagogue Church Of All Nations In Nigeria. Remarks based on the known data of the case: Before the collapse of the building, it was recorded that at least four times, there was a crossing of a military airplane. It appears to be a Hercules C-130, […]


A South African Scoan Visitor Saw the Strange Aircraft- Photo Prove

TB Joshua Ministries “My name is Shadrack Mamzini from South Africa, a visitor to The SCOAN. Last Friday, I wanted to take some pictures of The Synagogue buildings. While I was taking the last picture, I saw a very big aircraft. It was something which was unusual in the way it looked. It did not […]


Miracles abound amidst Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Tragedy

Amidst the chaos and pandemonium that ensued when a guest-house at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) suddenly collapsed in the early afternoon of Saturday 12th September 2014, tales of miraculous survival have begun to emerge. “Thank You, Jesus”, a cry rang out from an onlooker, followed by a burst of relieved applause from […]


Joy Comes in the Morning

There is reason to be sad, but there is a greater reason not to be. Why? Because the JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH, the bible says in James 1:2-3, “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your Faith produces steadfastness”. God sometime […]

Building Collapse : Official Statement From Scoan

This is an official communication from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations concerning a news story currently being reported by the media regarding an incident that happened today: “A building, not the church auditorium as was reported. The few people that were there are being rescued. What you wish to others, God wishes to you. […]


Boko-Haram: Religion a Victim of Terrorism

Religion remains a pinnacle of peace, no true religion encourages violence; all religion preaches peace and promotes mutual understanding among neighborhood. But regrettably, self-centered individual out of desperation has continued to manipulate religion to spread hate, cause violence and terror in the society and this has caused the loss of countless numbers of life and […]


Ebola Cure: T.B. Joshua Sends Anointing Water to Sierra Leone

Having been advised by Nigerian authorities not to invite sufferers of the Ebola virus disease to his famous healing sessions, controversial Nigerian preacher and healer prophet T B Joshua apparently cannot watch idly by when he feels there’s something he can do to help the afflicted as this report by Ihechukwu Njoku a Nigerian freelance […]


Ebola Virus: United Nations Should Partner with T.B. Joshua

As it is being said among people ‘the fear of Ebola virus is the beginning of wisdom’.  Before the present outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus, we should recall that Prophet T.B Joshua has earlier prophesied the coming of a deadly virus in the world and Africa but the world never took the prophesy serious, […]


Malaysian MH17 Disaster: T.B Joshua Exposing the Darkness in the World

We are calling on the true church of God to continue to pray for Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry; the principalities and dark powers that rules the world are not happy that their evil plans against mankind to cause war and destruction are been exposed by the prophet. The trick of the devil to […]



God never said His children will not go through hard times, tribulations and hardships but, He promised they will come out victorious; for our trials and tribulations are part of what made us who we are in Christ Jesus. Sometimes God uses trails to prepare us for greater assignment and responsibility; that is why as […]



“Persecution is a tonic to my anointing” says Prophet T.B. Joshua. If one should take time to go through the scores of allegation and fabricated stories that has been leveled against this humble Prophet of God, one would wonder why so much hate against this gifted soul whose ‘only wrong’ is to positively affect the […]


Probing the Strange Fire of TB Joshua

Before TB Joshua’s ministry was first introduced to me by a colleague, I rarely went to church because I was skeptical about religion. Being a South African living in Pretoria, I am one of those people that don’t believe in miracles, I had the perception that miracles where stage-managed by men of God to deceive […]

Prophet T.B. Joshua

TB JOSHUA BOMBSHELL:Cancel All Political Rallies NOW!!!

Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a shocking message during the course of his service on Sunday 4th May 2014 at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, heatedly calling on all Nigerian political parties to immediately cancel political rallies or face dire repercussions.He spoke further on the rumoured planned attack on the Sheraton Hotel […]

Tb Joshua has remain the most perseculted man on earth both locally and internationally

God Saved Us From The Abuja Bomb Blast Through T.B. Joshua’s ‘Anointing Water’

Three survivors of the Nyanya bomb blast that killed over 70 people in Nigeria’s capital Abuja last week and left hundreds more injured recounted their stories in T.B. Joshua’s church this weekend, attributing their survival to Divine providence. Candidus Ebge from Benue State said that he was in a public vehicle about to approach the […]



Before the Boko-Haram violent started in some part of the northern state in Nigeria, the Man in the Synagogue, Prophet T.B. Joshua, forewarned the nation of Nigeria of an impending crisis that will befall them. This prophecy was given in the year 2010 before the Boko-Haram violence started (that same year) in the northern part […]


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