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The charismatic pastor of the Synagogue church of all Nations Tb Joshua has remain one of the most enigmatic and energetic human on earth, going through is background right from is birth to the story of how he was called as a minister of  God makes one to wonder if Tb Joshua is truly an ordinary human being like you and me. In the history of humanity we have not heard or read any were about somebody with this kind of upcoming background. His birth is mysterious he spent fifteen (15) mouths in is mother’s womb; he came from a humble background a very poor family; he lack solid education and his great and mighty works make many to marvel if the man in the synagogue is not the awaiting messiah right in our present  generation. Uncommon happenings done by his mighty hands are the talk of the day including on the internet. In terms of life transformation non  can be compared to him, on a daily basis thousands of sick persons her healed, broken homes and families are united , accurate prophecy for both person and nations of the world and many more as you can name them, make one to wonder if there is anything impossible in this world that cannot be accomplished by this great prophet of our time yet, he stay humble and always give all the glory back to God he never allow all is achievement to put pride in him, he is easily accessible by both the great and small in the society.

many marvel if the man in the synagogue is not the awaiting messiah

many marvel if the man in the synagogue is not the awaiting messiah

It is unfortunate that he remain the most persecuted  human on earth even with all is contribution to human race. There are all kinds of fabricated story, blasphemous video, his miracle program was ban from some local television station including his own country Nigeria local TV stations, these false allegations are so many that some even end him up in prison and later was found innocent. So many are these accusations that have being leveled against the man in the synagogue on a daily basis, that he would be standing on trial even long after his departure.

Tb Joshua has remains steadfast in the kingdom business by transforming life and winning quality souls for Christ. He never allowed detractors to change is focus, his persecutors are only helping him to become more committed and known all over the world. According to him all the false stories and allegation formulated against me and my ministry by my detractors is a form of free advert to spread my name and my ministry around the world.

Tb Joshua has remain the greatest man on earth no man on this earth right from biblical history , to this present day have done so much that can be  compare to that of Tb Joshua, he continue to affect lives, change nations and the world at large .

 You may wonder while all this persecution against the man in the Synagogue, why so much haters and enemies, why do they want to destroy is ministry even with all is great contribution to human race. Well, know that all this are evidences to Tb Joshua genuineness.This was the same persecution that our lord and savior Jesus Christ face in is earthly ministry, Christ was accused and killed by his accusers for an unknown reason. SCOAN have set itself against the kingdom of darkness that rules the world and these demons are not happen that their kingdoms are depopulated from constant deliverance of persons from their bondage and torment taking place in SCOAN so, they are fighting back through all mean to pull the ministry down. Since Satan and is agent cannot come physically to fight, instead they are fighting through some persons that allow jealousy and hatred to enter them because  of the great work God is using Tb Joshua to do by is mighty hands cannot be done by them, as the prophet do say ” why most it be Tb Joshua; Why not me”. So these sets of persons have made themselves suitable for Satan to use. Even the great Apostles of old were brutalized and killed for preaching the gospel backing with signs and wonders. As far you are not of this World you are an enemy to it. Darkness and light cannot duel in one place since, Tb Joshua is a light in this dark world, this is while these rulers of darkness, demons, principalities and powers of this world are not comfortable with him and they want to destroy his ministry by all means using their agent (detractors). The fact remains that they will all failed woefully, just as they have failed in the past. God bless SCOAN and my daddy Tb Joshua.




    • Prophet TB Joshua is indeed following the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects. Christ was persecuted, though he did alot of good work to humans. So too our beloved Prophet TB Joshua; he is doing alot of good work to all maner of people but faces more percecutions. Bravo! he should continue the good work at all cost. We love you , we love the work you do.





  4. The devil has failed in bringing down God’s Prophet and living General, TB Joshua. satan stupidly used people in PFN and CAN in the persons of….Pastor-jet-buyers, mega pastors, funky pastors, Reinhard Bonkey’s crusade money sharers, etc.
    For almost 30 years, they have tried to kill and destroy this rare Gift of God to mankind on earth, but they’ve not succeeded. But rather, he’s waxing stronger and stronger in Anointing, day after day.
    All these pastors have sinned against God because they’ve touched God’s Anointed and dealt wickedly with him just as the pastors that lived during d time of Christ, did to Him. Caiaphas (one of the pastors those days) suggested that one man (Jesus Christ) should rather die 4 the whole of Isreal than 4 the whole nation to be in enmity with Rome. The pastors those days killed Jesus of Nazareth, now they’re trying to kill TB Joshua. Even Benson Idahosa gave a death ultimatum on TB Joshua by saying that: ”By this time next year, TB Joshua will drop dead”. Surprisingly, Benson Idahosa died that same time the following year instead of TB Joshua. Idahosa touched God’s Anointed and Living General, Prophet TB Joshua. Look at what happened to him!!!
    God’s judgement will be terrific at the end of time; many will be disappointed while many others will jubilate because God shall wipe out all tears from their eyes. TB Joshua has suffered so much for Christ in this wicked world and im my Spirit, his reward will be WOW!!!!


  5. Our great prophet TB Joshua U and GOD is majority. I wonder what kind of a person that will call himself or herself a man of God and can not decern who a REAL MAN OF GOD is. It is very clear that the man or woman is not LINKED WITH GOD bcos if he does he can not be critising the NUMBER ONE HEAVENLY CITIZEN ON EARTH LIKE PROPHET TB JOSHUA, Fear not prophet those who are with U are more than those who are against U Amen


  6. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm! A prophet is not respected in his own town or nation. My daddy senior prophet tb joshur God has anointed u a great prophet and there is nothing any man, woman, witches, demon and satan can do about. Daddy keep praying for our dear nation nigeria and one day God will open the eyes of our corrupt leaders to submit totally to the word and commandments of God our Creator who is using you greatly to win souls and perform great miracles, signs and wonder. I and my family will love Jesus and you forever.


  7. Prophet tb joshua, please pray for my father to get healing in the name of jesus. My father name is, Mr. Chonyimong age. 78 – 80 years old and he is been sick from last 5 months. And pray for me also, i want to meet jesus i want to live for jesus.


  8. T.B Joshua is not just a common pastor or preacher, but he´s a true Prophet and a servant of God. If we have two of his type in the entire World,,,,the World will not remain like this. Definitely, people must hate him, persecute him, do all sort of things against him, but at last God always bring the light.
    May God give you more years to save lives, settle homes and win more souls to God’s Kingdom in Jesus Christ name, Amen.


  9. Matthew 9 v 10 to 12 .infact in the new testament you get to read more about the Pharisees they still exist.people delivered,healed name it people will still talk all l can say is the bible is clear in this matter touch not my Annointed, receive a prophet and you will receive a prophet’s reward.even Jesus himself his own did not receive him until they crucified him inspite of all the miracles he did.Jesus turned water to wine at a wedding in Canna, what if Prophet TB Joshua was the one who did that miracle?.Touch not God’s Annointed. man of God continue to do God’s work after all he is the one who called you.we appreciate you and we support you.


  10. Our prophet father, sir, dr, genera president, profesor TB joshua I salute u sir, for the great work GOD is using u to do in dis sinfulll world . may GOD reward u amen.


  11. He is our man in the name of Jesus, if u do not believe what Jesus is doing in Him leave Him the end will make you believe


  12. I thank God for the author of this great article. May the Lord God, the God of Prophet TB Joshua bless you beyond human comprehension, in Jesus’ Name! Prophet T B Joshua has no match on this earth. Let us face it and thank God for sending us His faithful servant to take us out of passing pleasures of this world. Thank You, Jesus! Emmanuel!!!


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