As far as this 21st century is concerned, there is nothing that astonished and shocks the world consistently the most, than the activities that take place in SCOAN on daily basis, different kinds of amazing things are always happening in SCOAN that cannot be seen in any part of the world and even, ever being read or heard in history before. That is why on daily basis; thousands of viewers all over the world seat tight to watch emmanuel.tv because nobody knows what will happen next and no one want to miss out from the latest amazing occurrence. Everything about the man in the synagogue is a mystery. His birth was prophesied 300 years ago; He spent 15 months in his mother’s womb, no mentorship, limited in education, his 40 days and 40 nights fasting and a host of others. The life of TB Joshua has clearly distinguished between human education (knowledge) and divine wisdom. Even with his limited education the ministry of SCOAN is notable for its massive reconciliation of marriages, broken homes and controversies that humanly speaking cannot be amended; but members and viewers of emmannuel.tv would be so astonished with the way the prophet will apply his heavenly wisdom to address these issues and reconcile all. It is obvious that time will come when the ministry of TB Joshua will be reconciling world leaders and nations of the world in conflict because the wisdom of the prophet is so great that it is beyond boundary.

Now let’s look at few of the great things that have being done through the wonders of the 21st century, TB Joshua.


The wise men raised and mentored by TB Joshua, has being classifieds by many as one of the greatest miracle of TB Joshua, because nowhere in history have we heard that a prophet or pastor raises persons that performs in the same rate as him. Many great ministers of God in history has come and gone without impacting and transferring grace on others that will continue their mission after they had left. Even those that are close to TB Joshua that have impacted on others to do great things like them before they left the world, were: Elijah and our lord Jesus Christ, but both their disciples became fully effective representatives after their master’s departure and here, we have someone called a “prophet” having such extensions of himself even while he yet lives and he is even promising that more are coming. What manner of man is this, WHO IS THE MAN TB JOSHUA?


The healing and deliverance in SCOAN is of daily activities that everyone is now use to, those healing and deliverance are not just in their quantity but in quality which sincerely speaking cannot be matched by even that of all other ministers of God in the world. Today thousands of visitors from all over the world including great and famous personalities stand on the queue on daily basis to be touched by the prophet and the wise men either to be free from their sickness or bondage, which naturally cannot be seen anywhere else except SCOAN, it is only in SCOAN that you can see a great number of the rich, famous, icons, superstars and influential people in the society manifesting evil spirit and getting delivered by the power of the holy ghost. If one should talk on the deliverances alone in SCOAN apart from the healing, it will takes a life time for one to be able to comprehend half of it because they are so massive that by now, they will be running into millions.
Even many individuals around the world has confirmed countless of time how they were being healed and delivered from their sickness and problems after they encounter the man of God in their dream. This is to tell you that the spiritual nature of the prophet can travels around the world. This make many to wonder who this man really his, that he can deliver and heal hundreds of persons from their bondage and problems in their dreams. As for me, I will call him “The Messiah of our Generation”.

NOTE: Just as Christ came to restore the relationship between God and man; so did TB Joshua comes to save man from Satan Bondage.


      • What a vain and boastful piece lacking all humility or message. You know you shouldn’t worship any other than God right? He’s just a preacher. Probably a rich preacher. So no I don’t believe he’s ‘ the messiah of our generation’


    • @minty you don’t need to believe, your believe have nothing to do with the truth and reality of the divine nature of the last day messiah (tbj). Up till date many from Israel do not believe that christ is the savior of the world, but do that change the reality of christ true nature?.


    • Minty, there’s nothing ridiculous or boastful here. The truth has to be told.. Some of us who support him (tbj) are not his members, but we follow every trend of happenings in SCOAN and we mavel at what God is doing through this man of God. I have not seen its kind in nigeria or the world over. Let’s be frank


    • Minty, there’s nothing ridiculous and boastful here. The truth has 2 be told. Profet tb joshua is the messiah of this generation that God sent to set the captives free. I advice to continue to watch emmanuel tv and you will know really God has a hand in this great man of God of this generation. You can’t conclude until you see. Don’t believe on hear say till u see 4 yourself


  1. Am from a muslim family though i claim am a christain now i real need God intervention in my life,pray for me man of God


  2. I cry when I look at nigerians and so called pastors who for their own personal agrandizement preach against prophet TBJ. have any juju or even dos dat said they have reached highest level of cultism nd satanism been able 2 do what God is using tbj 2 do. why are people so blindfolded dat they cant even use their comon sense to knw dat God is using dis man. well I dnt blame people since de r so addicted to d false teachings of dia pastors who criticizes tbj so dat dia members will not feel de dnt have power, 4getin dat calling nd grace differs.


  3. TB Joshua is truly a man of God..but let us be careful of statements such as “the Messiah of this Generation”. There’s only one Messiah, and that’s Jesus Christ. Even Tb Joshua states that he works only through the grace and ability that Christ gives him. “If any men boosts, let him boost in the Cross”


  4. In the past we have heard about great men of God, but we have never Seen a man anointed like Prophet T.b joshua. This man is not only anointed, but he is also full of Love for God and for people around. Let Love Lead is the motto.


  5. Whereas I love the great things I hear of God’s servant, TB Joshua and aspire to do some of the same types of miracles or even greater, that is referring to the saving of souls. I do not think it is good to call anyone the Messiah. Seeing that Jesus warns us of this danger in the 23rd Chapter of St. Matthew.


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