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I am a Child of God, a Minister of the Gospel since the age of 17. I have seen and known many Servants around the world. I personally have been praying for sick and successfully chasing demons in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ since I was a youngster. I got a privilege to lead thousands of souls of young and old  to Christ Jesus, I also fought many spiritual battles, and my life was full of so many questions. But since I discovered Emmanuel TV and watched every day, listening to the teachings of Prophet  TB Joshua, and also watching wonders and miracles that happening there, I had conviction that this Man is a God send who has brought answers and solutions to millions of peoples questions and problems, physically and spiritually.

Unfortunately, I have heard many people including believers and servants of God misunderstand Prophet TB Joshua the same way Jesus Christ was misunderstood and called bad names. The Amazing thing is that, many are sitting downtown doing nothing to change the world, or to show at least a little  difference in their neighborhood or in their community or nation.

To those who say TB Joshua is using evil powers to do miracles.

“The man in the Synagogue”

OK, Let me ask you: Why don’t you do the same and let us see if it can work Or at least bring your own God to oppose what the GOD of TB Joshua is doing.

Many people quote the word Jesus said about the end time just to oppose TB Joshua Of course Jesus said there would be many that would call themselves Christ, many false pastors and prophets, many who would do miracles. I believe Jesus was talking about false miracles, not genuine ones, and He never said genuine Pastors, Evangelists and Prophets will stop performing miracles because of the fake ones existing.  Friends, we mustn’t be blind. The Bible says we must test every spirit if it is from God. Look at many servants of God all over the world today (I am not taking about all of them but many of them). Look at their reputation, look at their relationship with the people, look at how they conduct themselves, listen to what they say. I have never seen a servant of God who is doing what TB Joshua is doing in terms of deeds and his own conduct and the way he relates to the people. I haven’t met him before but I can read him as a Man of integrity.

He does what he says. The devil can not do too many good things at the same time. The devil cannot allow his agents to keep doing all these good things for a long time, things like helping the poor, healing the sick, reconciling marriages, reuniting broken families, helping gangsters to abandon their evil ways, and too other many things I have never heard anyone do, not even the United Nations Organization. Many churches and other organizations look for benefits yet they say they are non-profit-organizations. If the whole world would be humble and learn from TB Joshua, there would be no sufferers on earth.  Look at this kind man  TB Joshua, he is obviously seeking eternal reward in heaven .

As Nigerians say, this man is too much. Satan can’t do all these things. He is a destroyer. You all watch how God uses Prophet TB Joshua to expose, disgrace,defeat and destroy the powers of darkness, Satan cannot divide himself by fighting his own demons.

May God bless TB Joshua. And the Wise Men.

By Abakristo

19 thoughts on “TB JOSHUA THE MAN OF GOD

  1. true talk the bible did say there will be false prophets in the last days but by TB Joshua’s fruit it is evident that he is a true prophet of God. The evidence on ground would suggest so


  2. @Abakristo, thanks for our article it is inspiring, those who think that the power @ SCOAN its not of God, let them come and show to us the greater Gods they serve and come and deliver TB Joshua.


  3. Scoan is for liberty, an place for freedom and change. Bless God for sending Tb Joshua to this world @ this poin in time


  4. Ifyou now that tb joshua is not from god he always say if u dont delive me i wll delive you let them leave tb joshua to delive us who want fredom from the opress of satan


  5. true talk tbj is truly a man of God, he sent to save this world from the bondage of satan to the mavilous light of God, those that think he is not of God should go and prove it to the world by doing better than tbj if posible deliver him


  6. Amen,Amen, and Amen! “HALLELUJAH IN THE HIGHEST” To the almighty Most High liiving God be all the glory, both now and forever more. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Amen and Amen!


  7. nice piece about this true man of God. I am a muslim, a true believer of God and God’s religion and a believer in the scriptures (Quran, the Gospel(Injil), the Old Testament (Torah of moses) and Psalms (Zabur of David). I believe TBJ, i pray for him and i receive his prayers spiritually and via emmanuel TV. God appoint His anointed servants at any point in time without considering religious denominational boundaries, TBJ is one such person who happens come from among our Christian brothers. He is true man of God, with God’s anointing and favor and he is simply practicing the religion of God founded on Peace, Love, Hope, Compassion and Faith)
    TBJ is not only a healer and deliverer offeriing salvation for many, he is also a philantropist without borders and an inspirational speaker.




  9. yes it is true;when there is a man to pray ,there is always a God to answer.salvation is personal whoever wants to believe is free of charge.i just love SCOAN even though there could be a way to seek advice from u .


  10. Yes God is good, I just love and believe all about SCOAN because everything is real and visible , devil can say this man TB Joshua is not a true man of God, ok that is how they believe ,but me personally I am always happy and never get tired to watching that inspired man of God TB Joshua and Emmanuel .tv , that is were I learned everything about my God , Glory to Jesus, now I know God through his teaching and leading people to the light of God as our only servior .TBJoshua is our prophet for our generation we are lucky some of us to have and know him through Emmanuel .tv

    Oh what a wonderful God we serve ?

    GOD protect your servant for us, and give him many more years, to finish the battle of difiting every forms of dacness . I know the divel will not happy to see him doing God job in our mist , but God is bigger then you satan stop deserving the children of God I worn you Do not tuach the anointed man of God.
    Man of God we love you and praying for you and your family in Jesus name, AMEN


  11. Prophet TB Joshua is my Father, my Mentor, my Teacher I LOVE YOU TB JOSHUA MAY GOD INCREASE YOU l pray for those who doubt the MAN OF GOD MAY THEIR EYES BE OPEN.


  12. TB Joshua is a real man of God and truly I confess thast he’s sent forth by God Almighty to save, rescue, bless our generation and to reveal God’s image into this destructed world.
    I’ve known him through Emmanuel.tv. His inspiring teaching has pulled me closer to God and I’m now sure of salvation with freeness in my heart.
    Whoever condemns the anointed man of God like this one doesn’t know all about God Almighty, for give him.

    MY PRAYER: oh Lord keep empowering your servant in Jesus name.


  13. I’ve been watching this reputable man of God prophet TB Joshua (a man in the Synagogue) for long time. What I’ve discovered is that he’s God’s chosen instrument to carry His purpose to the world today.
    TB Joshua indeed is a man of integrity accomplishing God’s purpose.
    Those who accuses him with heresy don’t know the work and ministration of Holy Ghost.
    May God Almighty continue to bless abundantly this highly anointed man of God and his disciples, the wise men.


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