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Prophet as at this modern time has being reduced to a mere title which anyone can bear in the name of God’s calling, this has made it very difficult to distinguish between the false and true prophet because many of these so called prophet appear to be false due to many dubious activities most of them engaged in and many persons have being a victim of their false declaration and aultrances that never see the light of the day. There are also many spiritualist around the world today that disguise them self as true prophet, they can see your problem but cannot provide solution to it. All of these has being one of the reasons why many persons do not believe in prophecy, they believed that the days of Prophet is over because it is hard to see a true prophet of God compare to those we read in the bible.
As we all know, if what a prophet proclaims in the name of God does not take place or come true, that means that message is not from God and that prophet has spoken presumptuously, he is false.

As at this time prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue church of all nation (SCOAN) keep on showing the world the practicality of the Act of the apostle and reminding us that the God of miracle is still present with his children. TB Joshua has continue to prove himself beyond reasonable doubt that he is a true prophet of God, a messenger of God sent to save our generation.
A true prophet is hundred percent accurate of events to come, in time past even in present, all this TB Joshua has continue to show on a daily basis in SCOAN. Prophet TB Joshua had been giving numerous prophecy of things to happen to individual and the world HERE , HERE and many more, all these prophecy came to past. Which those concern never believed when the prophecy was given until it came to fulfillment.

We all know that genuine things are scarce. TB Joshua has that unique grace that can not being seen in any part of the world, yet many still find it difficult to admits that truly he is from God but instead, they are fighting hard to distort this great gift from God to our generation. As the prophet always say persecution is a tonic to me. The more the enemy try to pull him down the higher will be is greatness.

12 thoughts on “A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD

  1. God is with Nigeria through Prophet TB Joshua, ,only Nigerians need to take his prophecies with seriousness
    Luther Vulchi
    August 9,2013 at 2:23pm


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  3. Amen! Can the prophet pray for me,am living in poverty,i want to get jOB in january 2014,to pay for nursing course. May the Lord have mercy on me! Am in Namibia. Selma.


  4. TB Joshua the endtime Elija,sent with the evangelistic shout for mankind to leave babylon and accept the spirit of God. take it or leave it. None like this on earth.


  5. TB Joshua is a man of God chosen by God to show the world miracles are still happening through the power of God – he is a devoted man and has given his life to healing others through the Holy Spirit … well done Man of God yes


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