Somber News; all nations pray for Wiseman John Chi

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

There have been growing concerns over wiseman John Chi’s sudden withdrawal from ministering with the other four wise men for nearly seven weeks now, and today, TB Joshua responded to the thousands of emails he had received regarding this question on which millions of emmanuel tv viewers had been pondering.

Surprisingly, in a space of several hours after TB Joshua responded and most annoyingly, TB Joshua’s critics in their usual callous fashion, capitalized on this heartbreaking incident to misrepresent the facts of TB Joshua’s statement on Wise Man John Chi to suit their own selfish motives. You ask how? Well, TB Joshua explained in his statement that wise Man John Chi had been ousted from being a WISE MAN due to repeated importunate behaviour (unstated); further adding that Wiseman John chi has in response stated that “ he would not let God go until God restores him [to wisemanhood]”. TB Joshua then enjoined members and viewers to pray for all of them as ministers and to pray also for Wiseman John chi to be among the wise men God would raise again in addition to the upcoming ones. That was just about it in summary.

But Tbjoshuawatch greatly distorted this story to infer that Wise Man John Chi Has Left SCOAN (A HUGE LIE), and even more distressing now is to see how they immodestly rejoice at this sober news by saying that:

“It is WONDERFUL NEWS that a SENIOR LEADER in scoan HAS WOKEN UP and seen the light”.

If you weren’t convinced of the wickedness and evil disposition of these fault finders at tbjoshuawatch, now is a very good time to be; look at their report distortion of a painful misfortune, and as though that weren’t enough, they further repulsively commended him for his error in these words;

Wiseman John Chi – WE COMMEND YOU for taking the BOLD STEP that you have,… if you wish to make contact with OTHERS who have made THE SAME MOVE AS YOU, email *********, Will do all we can to HELP YOUR TRANSITION.

Alas! I’ve been appalled at many evil deceptions, but none like this and may the Lord severely punish their callous souls (seared with hot iron) for this blatant lie. Who told them that Wiseman
John Chi left SCOAN? Left SCOAN to where? Did TB Joshua say that? Can they transcribe his speech and post exactly the part where he stated that? Emphatically No, because he didn’t say so. How does “ he would not let God go until God restores him” automatically translate to “he has left SCOAN”? John Chi is still in SCOAN and will never leave SCOAN for anywhere else in the world, SCOAN became his home, and will remain his home, just because he’s been ousted from being a Wiseman doesn’t mean he has left SCOAN and also doesn’t mean he can’t get back on his feet. With our faith and collective prayers he will come back, and even stronger than he was before; but this is just to help you envision the evil scheming of TB Joshua’s critics; Most assuredly, they’re now celebrating the reduction on the number of wisemen as they confirmed by the statement in their post that;

“It is WONDERFUL NEWS that a SENIOR LEADER in SCOAN has WOKEN UP and seen the light”.

And make no mistake about it folks, by light they mean blackest darkness to which they belong, No son of light would refer to an apostle’s oust as “WONDERFUL NEWS”, but God has a surprise for them in a short time to come, they can count on it.

A message to TB Joshua watch; Gone are the days when there was almost no media coverage of the happenings in SCOAN, your deceitful tricks to misinform the world about TB Joshua’s statement
on Wise Man John chi can be seen through by everyone now – at least by everyone who has good ears and watched emmanuel tv today. Leave SCOAN, TB Joshua and the Wise Men alone, don’t meddle or you might end up more rotten in hell, you perverted brood of vipers!


23 thoughts on “Somber News; all nations pray for Wiseman John Chi

  1. It hurts to hear about wiseman John Chi…but we save a living and faithful God,theres a verse in the Bible that talks about saints falling and rising up again,we are all humans,flesh and blood,our plans are not Gods plans,through Gods grace wiseman John Chi will rise again,we are praying for you and with you.


  2. In what ever the situation is, I believe that John Chi will be guided by the Holly Light, he will never be in Darkness. God Is With Him (Emmanuel). I am one of the people who had a son with epilepsy and was delivered by Wiseman John Chi Decenber 2012.
    I therefore pray for him for God to see him through what ever challenge he is going through. That all needs right now. Elsie-Sandton


  3. Give me the scripture that said Jesus gave wisemen as a ministry gift plz beloved strdy ur bible let nothing dat is nt consistent in ur bible b use 2 beguile u plz strdy d acts of d apostles.


  4. @ish i think u should go and read your bible very way, it is only someone that have nothing to do, that will be waiting is time to answering this your unbiblican question.


  5. Devil you are under our feet we are born to win John chi wil be back let’s continue praying for him he is Gods chosen Amen and Amen prophet tb Joshua
    I thank you for the great Job you are doing I am praying for you and the wise men. May God always be with you and increase your works


  6. but may you tell us ,how this wise man entered darkeness ? from the t.b joshua statements, he was annoid and ignored even the name of this wise man in place he used ….this gentlement……the same man…..means what ? which sin or evil spirit entered this wise man and t.b joshua and other wise men can not deliver ? please be serious and responsable.
    SCOAN remains the hope of many and solution for others…so choose which statement to use on any media.
    thank you …emmanuel…


  7. I think wiseman john chi has destroyed alot in satan kingdom now that he not in action they are rejoycing,but my warning(!!) watch out for his part two,u are going to be finished up to out!!!!


  8. Jesus is trust and tested to the glory of God Tb Joshua is trust and tested. We thank God for sending us a prophet. I’m a living proof of the grace of God in the life of prophet Tb Joshua. Thank you Jesus Christ


  9. GOD bless p .tb joshua & wiseman jhon chee…for GOD is possible to stand him in his feet again so that many people in bondage would be free from the adversary devil. so let’s pray


  10. James 1:2-4 we will count it all joy as we face trials because we know that the perseverance of our faith will finish its work that we may be mature and complete lacking nothing……..devil is liar, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. He and his agents are busy making highly nagative reports but we know that we are delivered and have overcome through our Savior Jesus who gives us power and authority against all evil. Our God is faithful and Just …., our prayers with John Chi will cause a mighty shift, he will be restored and promoted….. This is our inheritance in Christ Jesus, make no mistake of attacking whom God has anointed.


  11. I pray God that Wise man John chi return in power for the shame of devil….John chi where ever you are you are God captain for real with power… we love you..
    Fabienne from Togo


  12. May the holy spirit forgive even those who have thought and spoken badly against John Chi. This is not a story to rejoice at but instead its time to pray more to God to forgive and deliver us.Lets the whole world pray for this…..


  13. God of Prophet TB. Joshua,Delivere me from Immorality,Senoir Prophet TB. Joshua please pray for me,I use the Anointing Water and sticker,but not avail,I also see you in my dream,Delivere me am wearing Out,am from Ghana Joshua Letsu is my Name


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