T.B. Joshua Reclaiming The World Back To The Creator

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, which is the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has being a place where both the great and small in the society come to get free from their bondage and sickness, it is no longer a news that SCOAN is the present place in the world that attract thousands of visitors from around the world as pilgrim irrespective, of race, religion and ethnic barrier, the arena of liberty have being a place of refuges for those in need of freedom.

SCOAN has being an eye opener of the things of the spirit, it has continue to exposed the tricks of Satan and his agents to the world, on a daily basis thousands of visitors around the world come to SCOAN just to get delivered from their oppressors and demons. Satan as we all know is the ruler of the world, he usurps the rulership of man on earth and create is own kingdom, which is, the kingdom of darkness, and he also try to deceived man to work against the will of God and cause hatred in the heart of man against God. That’s why today many neither believed in God nor want others to embrace Him (God), they go to the extent of formulating false ideology against God’s existence and supremacy in other just to make it seems that their is no God who is the creature of the universe.

Both thank God for the ministry of SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua that has succeed immemorial till date in disconnecting thousands of souls from the chain of the devil that is holding them bond and get them free to embrace the salvation that Christ has brought to the world 2000 years ago.

The present disposing of SCOAN is a great treat to the ruler’s of this world, we all know that as children of God we are not of this world, this world is an enemy to God’s children that is why haters of light are working tirelessly to stop the great work of God been done in SCOAN, because their master which is the devil knows that the present disposition of SCOAN in this world as at today is to reclaim the world back to the creature (God). But the Devil which has being describe to be “as wise as a serpent” has succeed in deceiving many with riches and popularity without peaces, that’s why their is no peace in the world because the nature of Satan is killing, stealing and destruction, but thank God for sending is beloved servant to the world to bring peace to where it is lost, to bring hope to the hopeless, to bring comfort to those that are in needs of it and to heal those in the sick bed and set those in bondage free. What a great light is T.B. Joshua; what a great gift of God to our present generation.

9 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua Reclaiming The World Back To The Creator

  1. TB Joshua indeed comes to save is world from the hands of satan, he is truly a light to this dark world. Shalom!


  2. No doubt about the almighty power of Jesus christ our saviour reclaiming this world from the hand of satan through the amiable prophet of our generation, TB JOSHUA. Glory be to God for TB Joshua and SCOAN.


  3. Indeed when God created the world, it was GOOD. But Satan and its agent have come to destroy that which is good(the world) by possessing the minds of people, luring them into sin like occultic practices, pornography, armrobbery, masturbation, prostitution, immoralities, unfaithfulness, lust,stealing, Killing,etc. Thank God for the Saviour of our generation, Prophet TB JOSHUA ,EMMANUEL TV and SCOAN as a whole who has come to reclaim the world by CHANGING LIVES, CHANGING NATIONS and CHANGING THE WORLD. HALLELUYAH!!


  4. I think the time has come that those who do not know GOD they should know him,with the rise of his prophets pipo should understand how he loves right from the bgnin. Thank GOD for his servants like TB JOSHUA and others who are being used as his versols.


  5. LONG Live T.B Joshua. May you always reign even till our 10th generation. I Love you! Thanks for coming to redeem us from the hands of satan and its agent. You alone, our refuge! Hallelujah


  6. We are indeed a blessed generation though without faith in God. May God our the doors of our hearts so that we may see and hear God in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.


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