TB Joshua was behind Stars victory – Richard Kingson

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Ghana goalkeeper- Richard Kingson

Ghana goalkeeper- Richard Kingson

Ghana goalkeeper Richard “Olele” Kingson has indicated that he is not surprised about the 6-1 win over Egypt in the 2014 World Cup play-off and attributed it to the God of Prophet TB Joshua.
Kingson said the Black Stars played total football with great cohesion and high confident level.
He observed that the Egyptians were jittering and the Black Stars capitalized on it thus penalizing them severely by thrashing them by 6 -1.
Richard Kingson indicated that, before his call-up for the Ghana-Egypt 2014 game, he knew Ghana would wallop Egypt by a wide margin because His Father in the Lord and mentor, Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) prophesied victory over Egypt and the qualification of the Black Stars to its 3rd straight successful FIFA World Cup in Brazil to him.
He added: “As usual He (Prophet TB Joshua) calls me often, we talk and he encourages me and prophesied to me that I will play again and my people (Ghana) will come for me, so the prophecy he said about me, all came to pass,” he told Oman FM.
“Before the Egypt game he called me often to encourage me and he told me you (Ghana) will qualify and those were the words he used, you will qualify. “He called me about three times on the day of the match, even a day before the match that was Monday night he called me and he said everything is ok, everything is alright you guys will do well”.
Richard Kingson noted that he shares the same sentiment with some Ghanaians who claimed the 6-1 victory over the Egyptians was a miracle.
“Yes, it is a miracle, because day were paired with the Egyptians the whole Ghana started grumbling and they were afraid that this people (the Egyptians) are very strong and they will destroy our team so this score line is a miracle for Ghanaians and no one was expecting this, it’s a miracle,” Kingson stressed.
Kingson before the game against Egypt reportedly led the team in a prayer session and also preached the word of God because “I was directed by the Holy Spirit to share Exodus 14:14 with the players”.
“You cannot do anything without the word of God because God Himself said you cannot do anything without my word because there is healing, blessing, deliverance, victory and everything in it.
“We prayed a lot in camp but the last prayer we had in the dressing room, was when everybody dressed up and was ready to go out for the game and I shared with them Exodus 14:14,the Bible quotation which the Holy spirit directed me to share with the team, when I was invited to join the Blackstars team.
“This is the word you have to give to your people (Blackstars), the Egyptians you see them today, you will see them no more, so they should not be afraid ,they should have courage, that am the Lord I will fight them(Egyptians) and I will deliver them(Blackstars).
“So I gave the message them before we left the dressing room, they should have courage and we will win this game and by God’s willing we won the game”
The Doxa Katokopias goalie continued: “Yes of course I will attribute this victory to the God of Prophet TB Joshua because his prophet, TB Joshua has played a big role in my life, he prophesied to me that my brother you will play again and your people (Ghana) will come for you and you will go to the World Cup these were his words and it has come to pass, I believe we are there even though we haven’t played the 2nd leg, I believed strongly that we are there and we will qualify and what he (Prophet TB Joshua) said has come to pass” “After 2 years without football I got a team in Cyprus and I have been invited into the Senior National team.
He was full of Praise for the God of Prophet TB Joshua and also thanked the Man of God for playing a major in resurrecting his football career both at the club and national levels.
“I would like to thank the God of Prophet TB Joshua who has made it possible for me by bringing me back into national team, He used his servant Senior Prophet TB Joshua to speak to me, He is a real man of God, he has been playing many roles in my life, encouraging me, sharing the word of God with me, his teaching and everything about Him.
“So I would like to thank the God of Prophet TB Joshua, he has done it for me Richard “Olele” Kingson and Ghana.
“The second one also goes to the Prophet Himself and I thank him a lot and thank the members of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) they have been praying for me, that God will do and really God has done it for me, so I give the glory to the Almighty God” says Richard Kingson.
The Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua is noted for his love for sports especially football and has predicted the outcome of lots of crucial football matches globally.
Some of his notable predictions were Ghana vs. Brazil at the 2009 U-20 FIFA World Cup final, 2012 African Cup of Nations Cup qualifier between Nigeria and Guinea, 2012 African Cup of Nations finals between the Ivory Coast and Zambia etc.
In February 2013, Prophet TB Joshua announced at a church service that he had stopped making prophecies on the outcome of football matches in order to protect members of his church from attack by football fans across the world.

Sources: ghanaweb.com


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  1. Weather this world like it or not GOd is taking over this world, righteous and holiness is coming to take over the human race, Richard Kingson is a prove, and all footballers most acknowledged the supremacy of God over human technicalities.


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