Ebola Virus: T.B. Joshua Saltwater Cure is a Rumor

Our attention has been draw to a rumor spreading in some Africa country and online that Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all nation in corroboration with the ministry of health, instructed the citizens of those nations battling with Ebola virus to take their bathe with warm water and salt for protection and healing from the deadly Ebola Virus. We are using this medium to inform the world and especially, those nations battling with this virus that Prophet T.B Joshua and SCOAN has nothing to do with such report, the message is false it’s not from Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry. All information from Prophet T.B Joshua and SCOAN is usually broadcast live on Emmanuel.tv. The only information so far from Prophet T.B Joshua concerning the Ebola virus was on Sunday, 3rd August when he said he will be sending 2,000 Anointing water to those nations that are battling with the deadly virus and also promise to visit the various nations if invited by their government.

To clear the air, a version of the false information was recently published in Nairaland Forum. There, the reporter confessed of starting the false rumor and also apologies for misleading the public.

TB Joshua ministries Facebook Update

Notice: There is a chain-text message being circulated around, calming to be from T.B. Joshua. This is a fraudulent message. T.B. Joshua does not communicate through text messages. Any message from T.B. Joshua will be played on Emmanuel TV or posted on our official websites. Do not be an agent of falsehood, blackmail and rumours by spreading these text messages.

6 thoughts on “Ebola Virus: T.B. Joshua Saltwater Cure is a Rumor

  1. Thanks for the information.People are indeed imperssonating your name as false message.That reporter must be handled for smearing your character


  2. Your ministry is PERFECT,do you know why people accepted it? They know what JESUS can do in your ministry.But please do not wait to be invited by the Government,people are dieing every day from ebola virus in Sierra Leone…Think about that.. Pray for me and my family.


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