Boko-Haram: Religion a Victim of Terrorism


Terrorism has no Religion

Religion remains a pinnacle of peace, no true religion encourages violence; all religion preaches peace and promotes mutual understanding among neighborhood. But regrettably, self-centered individual out of desperation has continued to manipulate religion to spread hate, cause violence and terror in the society and this has caused the loss of countless numbers of life and property around the globe.

Religion the greatest Prey of World Terrorism

Terrorism emanated as a result of the egocentric and self-centeredness of the influential, the prominent and those we look up to in the society. But many today have blindly blame terrorism on religion; religion is a camouflage and victim of terrorism. The master-minders of this act of terror are economic and political power mongers whose private life does not speak much of their faith. They unjustly manipulate religion to brainwash and sell their evil ideology to their recruit; remember every true religious person can die for his/her faith. And this is part of the activities of the devil to destroy the name of true religion; many see religion as the problem of the world whereas, Man’s selfish Interest for power is the root cause of the world problem. 

Nigeria Political Instability the Source of Boko-Haram

In Nigeria, the Boko-Haram terrorist group claims they want to create an ‘Islamic state’ in the Northern part of Nigeria. The so called Islamic state is a propaganda they are using to gain the government attention and also brainwash their recruit. Boko-Haram terror is a product of Nigeria polities; “religion is a camouflage; Nigeria gave birth to politicians while politicians gave birth to both Boko-Haram and Militancy”-T.B. Joshua. When evil men want to get the attention of the government they throw bombs and kill innocent people. It might amaze you to know that Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Dubai are Islamic countries, but terrorism don’t take places there. Most people that are pointing accusing fingers at Islam will pack their loads and run to nations like Malaysia and Dubai if given the chance. Saudi Arabia is the headquarter of Islam, don’t you think if Islamic religion teaches and encourages violence then Saudi Arabia will be more violent than countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria etc. But it can’t happen because Saudi Arabia practices monarchy and therefore no room for bloody thirsty politicians.

Dear readers!! Religion is a prey of world terrorism. Truth is so stashed that it is hard to find, but surely everyman will one day give account on how they are responsible in the present unrest that has before humanity.

Dialog the Best Option to End World Terrorism

The modern age ought to be an era of dialog a period where peaceful means should be used to end conflict. It’s unfortunate this is not what we speak of today instead, much emphasis is being placed on war and combat, millions of dollars are being budgeted every year by world government for research to build more weapons of mass destruction, this make one to wonder if all this weapons are being built for lower animals or for human being.

Combat cannot end terrorism, “If we fail to see that there are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage, we are fighting the wrong battle.”- T.B. Joshua. Terrorist are under spiritual influence they have no control over, the battle is not against flesh and blood but evil spirit (demons), “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12). Terrorist are human like us what they need is deliverance and rehabilitation. The more they are being killed the more this evil spirit spread and enter others. The day the world declared war on terrorism, terrorism became rampaged in the world; the war on terrorism has led to increase in the act of terror.

Don’t be deceives people of God! The devil is a trick star; terrorism is from the pit of hell. God love sinners but hate sin, He love terrorist but hate terrorism. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). This means that God loves sinners but hates sin. As Christians, we should hate the act but not the people. That is the spiritual law because sinners can be delivered and changed. The day the people of the world will start seeing things in God’s way, the world will become a better places to live in.

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