Don’t blame T.B. Joshua; investigate ‘strange aircraft’ – South African survivor

image124South African eye-witness, Anthony Van Der Byl, who was at the scene when the Synagogue building collapsed, has warned that people should not blame the leader of the church, T.B Joshua, for the incident but rather, they should investigate the “strange aircraft” which was captured hovering around the building.

Van Der Byl, made these comments via a telephone interview on Channels Television’s Saturday breakfast programme.

The Founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Temitope B. Joshua, had linked the collapse of the six storey building within the premises of the church headquarters in Lagos, to a “strange aircraft”, which he said hovered around the building before it collapsed.

Byl, who lost his wife to the accident, narrated the events leading to the collapse, noting that there was no warning that such a thing would happen.

According to him, he and his wife had been about to eat lunch, before the building collapsed.

“We were in the dining room on the ground floor; As we were talking, all of a sudden, I just noticed that the walls on the opposite side broke out.

“It just took about three seconds and then the whole building came on top of us.”

He noted that there was no warning as the entire building came crashing down.

None of the pillars had broken off and the building did not tilt to any side.

“Many people all over the world, even the reports in South Africa are trying to point fingers at the structure (the building, how it was built, what material was being used, the building)”, he said, adding that he had seen the materials used in building the structure, before the collapse.

“It was top quality material, including the steel”, he insisted, stating that “no one of the news reporters is talking about the footage, that’s been sent to them by the Prophet, on the plane that was hovering around, flying very low.

“No one is talking about that plane”, he argued, urging the public to “stop putting the blame on the prophet.”

He further claimed that the building collapsed as though dynamites had been placed at all corners of the building and detonated.

Byl, who was discharged from the hospital on Sunday, noted that he was yet to see his wife’s corpse as the search process and the different mortuaries was “tormenting”.

According to him, DNA experts from South Africa were working to identify his wife and the other bodies.

He, however, noted that he had been miraculously healed by T.B Joshua who had touched all his wounds.

“A miracle happened. My wounds instantly healed by the power of God”, he said.

4 thoughts on “Don’t blame T.B. Joshua; investigate ‘strange aircraft’ – South African survivor

  1. We thank God for your life brother nothing cane separate us with the love of God, we pray to God to pay back all those who were involve in this tragedies just happen in scoan,we pray to God to give strength to the family in lost of there love one we pray to God to increase more grace to the prophet and every members of the scoan God bless u all
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  2. Brother Anthony I pray Father God heal you both physically and spiritually.I pray Father God rest all the departed souls in eternal peace.Jesus Christ is our Rock.Almighty God is in total control of the whole situation there at scoan.I pray for the entire Family of God at scoan, remain calm and worship our God in spirit and in truth.Our God is an owesome God.He is Good.He is Great.He is Worderful.He is Marvellous.He is Glorious.I thank God for giving us Prophet TB Joshua.On 19th and 26th Oct God gave me a chance to worship 2 sundays there and I was really blessed.
    Through Emmanuel TV I was delivered from Alcoholism.Through anoiting sticker my son was set free from a case which was going on in court.Prophet TB Joshua.God Bless you and whole entire Scoan family of God.I love you all.


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