TB Joshua Worst Enemy Angelique Tonge Exposed

About two years ago, we came out emphatically about those behind the T.B Joshua Watch. Many were those who thought we were framing innocent people up or on a witch hunt. Some events have vindicated us and the cat is out of the bag. It is said that no matter how you sustain a lie the truth will definitely surface.

In a picture posted on the so called TB Joshua Watch a picture of Angie Tonge, who we accused as the main culprit behind the so called watch inadvertently pasted her picture on the site with a different name. Why the change in name? Is it not an act of cowardice?

Here was a pastor of SCOAN in London who abused her position and was not accountable to anyone. She siphoned lots of money from the church accounts, went on a jet flying from coast to coast until the situation became so bad that she had to tender in her resignation.

She claimed it was because the SCOAN headquarters was trying to control her activities that led to her resignation.

Since her resignation she had embarked on a campaign to vilify the prophet and to peddle untruths. Now it seems the end has come by making a fool of herself by blowing her cover.

Below is an email from one of our reader to prove our point.


Info regarding TBJ watch identity

Inbox x
axxx jxxxxx <a.nxxxx.97xxxxx@gmail.com>
Jan 22
to us


Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name.

I’m not sure if you are interested, but there was previously speculation about the authors of TB Joshua Watch as being a group including the former pastors of SCOAN London.

Today I noticed an old story from “Emma” on TB Joshua Watch, including accusations of sexual abuse.
I can prove this person is Angelique/Angie Tonge.

By what I can only assume is an error on her part, the previously anonymous “Emma” account now has a profile photo, clearly being Angie.  I have screen captured it and attached it in case she realises her mistake, please find it attached.

God bless and keep you


3 thoughts on “TB Joshua Worst Enemy Angelique Tonge Exposed

  1. This time around she is the one that expose herself. God will continue to expose them and there one after the other


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