T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy and the Newly Elected Tanzanian President

This article was sent to us by a T.B Joshua fan with the name, Sidney

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

I sincerely deem it highly imperative at this juncture to categorically emphasis that I have critically examined the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, the SCOAN, here in Nigeria, in the course of the Sundays Live Service broadcast on the Emmanuel TV satellite; I have listened to his awesome revelations and Prophecies. A typical example of the genuineness of these Prophecies among others includes the initial Prophecy he made to Dr John Pombe Magufuli, prior to his Presidential poll victory that Dr Magufuli, will become a President and this came to pass. Dr Magufuli is to be sworn in on November 5th 2015, as the 5th Executive President of the United Republic of Tanzania, following his victory in the just concluded Presidential election. This indeed triggered me the more. I have found nothing skeptical neither falsifying nor deceptive about his prophecies as well as the SCOAN MINISTRY.

A man of God at his caliber, whom I have took my quality time to carry out a critical self-inquiry about the said SCOAN here in Nigeria, I realized that apart from the diverse healings carried out in the SCOAN’s ‘Prayer line’; laying of hands on the sick and they received their permanent healings, deliverance through the medium of the ‘Anointing Good morning water’ to cast out demons which is a major antithesis to man’s success in life.

More conspicuous is the numerous philanthropic dispositions to the paupers in and outside the shores of his country / continents as far as the continent of Asia and several countries of the world, which were besieged by impromptu natural disasters thereby plagued by diseases, unhealthy drinkable water, impoverished and sever starvation, Prophet TB Joshua has been a major benefactor to these victims irrespective of their color, race and Faith respectively.

I was even surprised when I overheard through the news media of the huge amount of millions of naira Prophet T.B. Joshua, single-handedly donated to support the ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ in the northern part of Nigeria, following the ungodly terrorists attacks unleashed by the notorious Boko Haram sect.

In my candid view /affirmation, if this quintessential servant of God should own a Jet to ease his global evangelism in the distribution of medical facilities / food to victims of unforeseen circumstances who are rendered incapacitated, I think it’s simply ‘Normal and Ideal’ unlike other of his contemporaries who are on records amassing wealth for themselves. Prophet T.B. Joshua even stands more outstanding in his ardent global humanitarian evangelical dispositions. Why this manner of unfair critics against him over the said “Gulfstream G550 as alleged and captioned on the so called TB Joshua Watch? Which claims have a comprehensive resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN? Why don’t we Christians simply emulate and encourage Prophet T.B. Joshua, especially in his qualitative humanitarian expertise in evangelism which creates a Global attention. I mean alleviating the sufferings of the poor and less privileged especially the victims of circumstances /natural disasters.

As adherent Christians, I strongly encourage us to keep up the good fight of faith; worship our Creator in ‘truth and in spirit’ i.e. worship Him in not only with our offerings and hands lifted above our heads, but with our quality time in promoting Christ’s Ministries, worship Him with our substance in every good thing the Lord has blessed us with or deposited in us; reach out to the paupers, the less privileged in our society, just an outstanding typical exemplary role of the SCOAN’S Global Emmanuel TV evangelism Network, improving on the human living standards , show love to all, these have been the Prophet main focus in his ministry.

I feel bad when Satan attacks God’s work on earth… the will of the devil and his cohorts is to kill, steal and destroy the things of God, thereby strife to ridicule or bring down God’s annointed servants this, Satan achieves by using people to blaspheme; condemning the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the supreme price for us on the cross… towards the redemption and salvation of mankind. As ardent Christians, I honestly urge us to disengage, I mean dissuade from this idle work of critics and heresy, for it is not just iniquitous to humanity, but blasphemy and tantamount ‘sinful ‘ before our Creator. For it is written “…touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”.

As Christ like people, we are indeed obliged to honor God’s servants; His anointed ones whom He uses as His mouthpiece/Apostles- these are the ones God has sent to savage mankind, some are blessed with the gifts of interpretation and speaking in tongues, others laying hands on the sick, while other with prophecies, i.e. interpreting /revealing the deep things of God with power…. unless we dissuade from this ungodly and rebellious critics, less God’s wroth befalls on us.

Never have I heard or see the followers of other renowned religious platforms in the world engaged in this sort of idle critics against their own Faith /Clergy. How come we Christians whom ‘Grace and Love’ towards one another /mankind is our watchword always exhibit hatred, slanderous and derogatory insinuations against God’s anointed servants? “Christians watch and Pray ” may God’s Mercy and Grace continue to find practical fulfillment upon us as we dissuade from sin and engage in the things that are edifying and unite the body of our only Messiah our Lord JESUS CHRIST…AMEN! MAY GOD BLESS US.

4 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy and the Newly Elected Tanzanian President

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  2. Thanks for this write up. It is shame for those who call themselves Christians to form a group called ” tb watch” and be fighting, name calling, persecution and so on on an anointed servant of God, who hurts no fly, but out to do good to humanity. It is God’s gift given to to him by God. There is no point being unnecessarily jealous. Muslims can never do this type of slanderous remarks to his imman. What a shame to Christian body. Leave prophet tb Joshua alone.


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