BUILDING COLLAPSE: The Government and Judiciary Playing to the Gallery?

T.B. Joshua the world must persecuted living God's General

T.B. Joshua the world must persecuted living God’s General

Many give much attention to persons who do nothing meaningful, than investing their time and energy in accusing and condemning others because we live in a world where hate has taking over sound reasoning, where opinions are cheap, and where good sense is trampled upon. We celebrate the intended foolishness the irrational bring to the public domain when they attempt to rationalize an otherwise clear case of sabotage, impunity, injustice and the infringement on others freedom of worship and expression.

Some critics will say, “Justice for all” is when T.B. Joshua is arrested or when he is forced to come to court, but same will never explain why the government seems not to care or is hiding the identity of the Pilot and Crew on board in the Military Airplane from the public, that remains the major suspect in the SCOAN guest house collapse. This case should be properly pondered upon and critically tackled before we can really know how sincere the so called “justice for all” is.

It cannot just be concluded by those in authorities that it is impossible for the guest house to be brought down by an infrasonic weapon, when no appropriate investigation has been done or tendered forward to prove otherwise. Remember that in the scene of crime everyone is a suspect, including the unimaginable. The recent terrorist attack in Brussels can attest to that; the world can see how the national security of that Nation are so proactive, using CCTV footage to trace and track-down major suspects behind the terrorist attack.

The Nigerian government should support the nation’s security agent, who from the onset of the incident perceived sabotage and should not be playing to the gallery to the Anti-SCOAN sentimentalist who are hell-bent on seeing the SCOAN’s downfall.

As an opinionist would say, “An enemy has been caught; this is the right time to punish him”.

 #InvestigateSCOANAttack #TbJoshuaTheVictim #ArrestPilotAndCrew #InvestigateMilitaryAirplane #SCOAN #TbJoshua

#InvestigateSCOANAttack #TbJoshuaTheVictim #ArrestPilotAndCrew #InvestigateMilitaryAirplane #SCOAN #TbJoshua

The argument has always been that the SCOAN guest house was attacked and the government should do the needful by investigating and exposing the identity of the Pilot and crew on board in the military airplane that was used to attack the SCOAN guest house. Until this is done by the Nigerian government, no matter the court verdict or campaign of calumny against Prophet T.B. Joshua, it would not stand the test of time nor affect the reputation of the Prophet and SCOAN. The truth is that those with independent mind and those who honour sound reasoning above hate will see reasons to love Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry the more. As far as this case is concerned, the SCOAN is in the right part of the argument. If the government claim no one or group is above the law, they should expose the identity of the pilot and crew on board in the military airplane. Let them come out to defend themselves instead of hiding and shading the suspect and going after the victims, except they are confirming our believe that the attack was carried out by powerful personalities especially when you take time to obverse the controversial disposition of the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The Nigerian government cannot say they are not aware of the fact that Prophet T.B. Joshua is very controversial with a lot of local and international antagonist, to the extent that there are even websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to rubbish his reputation. For these alone are enough reasons for the Nigerian government to make the Military Airplane investigation a priority, for SCOAN is a ministry that has many rivals that are so passionate to see the downfall of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Till date the Prophet remains the most controversial human being on earth, irrespective of our individual opinion about him.

We pray for true Justice to prevail in this case!!!


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