God loves Homosexual (persons) but hate Homosexuality (Spirit)

God loves Homosexual (persons) but hate Homosexuality (Spirit)

A hot breeze blew down the dusty, rural road. School had just ended and Patrick was sauntering home without a care in the world. Relaxed, he whistled softly, kicking a jagged pebble along the Tanzanian street, without any premonition of the man steadily, silently approaching from behind. A tap on the shoulder, a casual exchange of words and some biscuits later, the naïve innocence of a ten-year old ebbed callously away. An abominable abyss…

Aged 10, Patrick was wickedly defiled by an elderly man he met whilst returning from school. At that devilishly defining moment of his life, the ‘spirit of man’ entered, replacing his natural urges with affection for fellow men. His dreams were dominated by a beautiful ‘queen’ who resided in the ocean. His earthly pursuits centered on becoming more like the ‘woman’ of his dreams, replete with feminine dressing, make-up and bleaching. Growing older, Patrick’s passion became progressively more perverse, leading him to abandon all educational pursuits and go down the dark route of male prostitution.

Clubs and bars became his home as wealthy men would fight for his nocturnal ‘services’. According to Patrick, the urge was ‘uncontrollable’, to the extent that a day could not pass without ‘sleeping’ with a man, oftentimes with handsome financial rewards. However, the money did nothing to reduce Patrick’s misery. He was a wreck both inside and out. Attempts to pacify his internal aching with alcohol and drugs bought only temporal relief. Fifteen years of the ‘high life’ left Patrick at his lowest point. A young lady named Mary who met him dressed in garishly ‘girly’ clothing took pity on the young man. Her simple words of advice, although initially scoffed at, turned out to be a turning point for Patrick. Mary candidly said that the young Tanzanian needed to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, proceeding to spray him with some Morning Water she received from The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. Patrick laughed but something deep had been stirred within. A few months later, he was on a plane to Nigeria, all expenses paid for by concerned brethren who knew he needed deliverance.

Arriving at The SCOAN, Patrick was disinterested in the service. Wondering what he was doing in Nigeria, he longed for church to end. However, God had other plans! At the penultimate moment of Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied in his immediate direction. “There is a young man sitting down there – can I help you? You have the spirit of man.” War commenced instantly! Patrick attempted to hide but a supernatural force propelled him forward. Something seemed to ‘hook’ his neck as he drew closer to the altar. From a distance, Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched forth his hands to pray and Patrick tumbled to the ground. Gone. The evil spirit that had lived in him for fifteen years had been dealt a final blow. Rising to his feet, tears streamed down the face of the young Tanzanian. The ordeal had ended; freedom had prevailed!

One week later, Patrick stood before The SCOAN congregation beaming. He testified that for the first time in fifteen years, he was able to relate and react normally with his fellow men without any lustful urges, attraction or affection. Additionally, he had slept peacefully without any of the garish nightmares that formerly characterized his sleep. His advice to people with a similar problem was simple yet profound: “If you have a similar problem, come to Jesus.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua sent a message to cap off Patrick’s inspiring testimony: “Love the sinner but hate the sin. Hate the act, not the person. If you don’t love them, how can you help them? You cannot help people you hate. There is no love through hatred. Genuine help can only come from love. Hate does not help; love helps. This is why Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

TB Joshua Ministries

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