The Nigeria Economic Recession, A Call for God’s Intervention

Nigeria flag The current economic crisis in the nation of Nigeria has been forewarned years back by Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Prophet who has been advising the leaders on the most efficient way to manage the nation’s natural resources and Economy, enlightened them to form the habit of exchanging the nation’s crude oil for advanced technologies (READ: FOR NIGERIA TO DEVELOP, THEY SHOULD EXCHANGE OIL FOR TECHNOLOGY” – TB JOSHUA). As well as enacting policies towards the diversification of the nation’s Economy, by investing and developing the Agricultural sector. Even in his New-year message, Prophet T.B. Joshua categorically told Africans to go back to their destiny as the ‘breadbasket of the world’. Food should be their major export and they should exchange food for technology. He then warned Nigerians that the future of their country is crying for help and that the country is in a valley. The Prophet said this was as a result of past mistakes and everyone has to share the blame for the nation’s predicament. He then called on every Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari who has good intentions, to take the country out of the valley.

We, however, are not trying to eulogise the fulfilment of God’s words of warning to the nation of Nigeria through His humble servant, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, but the solutions to make the nation’s economy back to boom.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to talk about a disturbing trend in the world today. It is somehow now acceptable as a criterion for one to be seen as an expert or a professional guru when one abhors solutions that have to do with God.  And also the world institutions seems to be comfortable with ridiculous claims and fictitious theories by some alleged ‘enlightened minds’ connived from the pit of hell to undermine God’s involvement in the world’s affairs. The truth remains that God is the ultimate solution to all mankind problems and that includes, the nation of Nigeria present Economic challenges.

God the solution to the Nigeria economic recession those not mean, the Nigeria Government should just go and be Praying, instead of them to embark on viable economic policies that would trigger an Economic boom. Sometimes one wonder where those with limited knowledge about the scripture got those spurious claims that Christianity or religion does not encourage human skillfulness and expertise, but just prayers. Though, it is important to pray as a believer. The scripture instructed us to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), but the same scripture clearly stated that “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-26). God does not condone laziness and manna are not going to fall from heaven. Human skills, intellectualism and expertise are gifts from God and we are to make use of them to better the world. It is out of pride and ignorance for one to worship those things instead of the giver of wisdom.

Tb Joshua SCOAN

Prophet T.B. Joshua

True believers always acknowledge the fact that our human efforts are pointless without God’s backing. And that is the message we are passing on to the Nigeria authorities that their sincere effort to revive the nation’s economy needs God’s backing. The Nigeria Government should seek the intervention of the supreme Economist, God. And this message we expect any God fearing individual in authority to make known to the Government of the day. Nigeria is a blessed country. The nation has what it takes to be an Economic giant. This is even when the country has a Prophet amongst them that has direct contact with God. It is not befitting for such nation to be experiencing difficult challenges as experienced in Nigeria today. When will this God’s own nation see the needs to listen to the voices of God through His humble servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua? This is the same reasons why the Boko-Haram terrorist crisis lingers because of disobedience to God’s word.

It cost the government nothing weather prestige or finance to seek for the Prophet help, for others have done it before and it works out for them. While the government of the day will go about implementing their economic policies, the Prophet shall handle the ‘Spiritual Economy’. This may sound ridiculous however, we challenge those in authorities to take a bold step of Faith and see what the outcome will be. Rather than, not trying at all, but would be quick to condemn those God placed in their midst to help them out of their challenges.

The Nigeria Government should try the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua and see if God can through his humble servant fix the nation’s Economy. This is the right time to seek the face of God dear Nigerians. Things shall turnaround for good and all shall be a witness on how the country present economy and security challenges become a thing of the past. Always commit to memory that, God is no respecter of anybody. We have to humble ourselves if we want to receive from Him…Shalom!

Below is The New Year Message From Prophet TB Joshua 2016 Prophecies:

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