peru crusades deliveranceSonia Montez, 28 years learnt about the Peru Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua through the internet. Having challenges with her two children who were very aggressive and habitual liars, she made up her mind to attend the Peru Crusade together with her husband, Alex Jesús and their two children, Julio Eduardo Tera Montez, 9 years and Alex Tera Montez, 6 years.

She believed God for her children’s deliverance from the evil spirits which had been the cause of these problems. Her two young sons had begun exhibiting very rebellious behavior, to the extent that as young as they were, they became reluctant to stay at home.

peru crusades deliveranceTo show that something was fundamentally wrong, one of her young sons even had suicidal thoughts, while the other one always told lies at home and fought his classmates at school with uncanny aggression.

At the Prayer Line section of the Peru Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, at the mention of the name Jesus Christ, the evil spirits started manifesting uncontrollably, confessing their intention to use the boy to kill his mother and grandmother.

After receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, both children and parents received freedom, in Jesus’ name. Days after the crusade, Sonia Montez and Alex Jesús together with their children met the Emmanuel TV Team. When God speaks, changes are beginning. They thanked God for the kind of change that has taken place in their lives. The boys confirmed that they are now very comfortable at home with their parents; suicidal thoughts and the urge to fight have disappeared, in Jesus’ name. Sonia and Alex have got their children back again! Indeed, the evidence of Christ Jesus is lives changed!

TB Joshua Ministries

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