Tb Joshua healing Peru OdolinaPulmonary pneumonia is not like a common cold or flue. It is a debilitating disease which attacks you on the inside until your body cannot fight back anymore. Odolina from Lima found herself a victim of the cruel infirmity. “The doctor told me that there was no solution and that I was going to die” she said. “It got to the extent that I had to use oxygen and a wheelchair” she recounted, noting the severity her case had reached. “I was not able to walk and support my house financially. I was on my bed all the time. Without the help of my family, the oxygen machine and the wheelchair, I was not able to go anywhere.”

Few have an idea of the type of suffering Odolina had to go through on a daily basis. The simple task of going to the toilet became arduous and stressful. “All the time, I had to be on my bed connected to the oxygen tank. If I wanted to go to the toilet, I had to disconnect myself from the oxygen and just within 20 minutes, my hand would start turning blue.”

Recalling how the divine journey to her healing started, Odolina narrated: “I went to many hospitals seeking for solution but the doctor told me that I would pass away in six months but when I went to Jesus, I found the solution. After praying to God for healing, about eight years ago, I had a dream. In that dream, I saw Jesus operating my lungs.”

Tb Joshua healing Peru OdolinaAt the Crusade with T.B. Joshua in the Monumental Stadium, Odolina’s dream became a living reality. “When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt the touch of God. Immediately the prophet removed the oxygen tank, I started walking without the use of the oxygen tank or the wheelchair. On the way back home, inside the taxi, I felt warm on my back and I was looking at my hands and they were not blue anymore!”

Odolina received her healing on Day 1 and decided to attend Day 2 of the crusade alone without her oxygen tank and wheelchair. “I climbed the stairs without any problem. My hands are no longer blue and I am feeling strong right now” said Odolina, unable to contain her happiness.

Odolina’s daughter and pastor accompanied her to share her inspiring testimony. Her daughter surmised: “I am very happy to see my mother walking properly without any problem. I used to be sad seeing my mother with the oxygen tank. I used to bring food to her on her bed. I used to bath her because my mother was not able to do anything.”

Pastor Oscar recounted how the sickness had prevented Odolina from going to church. “I was in the crusade when she was receiving her healing. The prophet touched her with the love of God and I saw when she started walking. She has promised to God to serve in the church.”

TB Joshua Ministries

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