peru crusades tb joshuaLeonardo had a strange and controlling spirit within him which he could not suppress. “The evil spirit inside me was very aggressive. I just wanted to hurt people and kill people. I had an overwhelming desire to destroy things. It pushed me to destroy other’s lives and my life. I was actually destroying myself” he confessed.

When Leonardo heard about the Crusade with T.B. Joshua in Peru, something within him wanted to go but the evil spirit also arose and battled with his mind, not wanting him to be free. Finally Leonardo forced himself to attend; that decision marked the end of his bondage.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua raised a Prayer Point, “Release yourself, in the name of Jesus!” an evil, rasping voice started speaking from Leonardo involuntarily. “I was standing and I started to feel something burning inside me and then I started to vomit. And something inside me started to speak out” he said.

As Leonardo was manifesting, the SCOAN team brought him to Prophet T.B. Joshua for deliverance. “I felt like, ‘Oh my God, he is finally going to pray for me! So I am finally going to be free!’ he said. “And then it was a happiness I cannot explain right now. I have no words to explain this happiness, because I have never felt this way” beamed Leonardo.

peru crusades tb joshua“Now I want to leave all of the aggression behind. I want to move on. And I feel really excited and happy. I feel thankful like never before. I know that I am free and now the devil has been defeated.” Unable to contain his joy, Leonardo testified, “I cannot express it in words but I feel like I am a new person. I feel like I reborn. I just feel really really happy.”

His sister in law also received liberation that same day at the Peru Crusade. “I was delivered too! I had depression”, said Rosa. Rosa used to spend her days crying for reasons she could not even explain. She even attempted suicide.

During the mass prayer, the wicked, destructive spirit within her could not handle the holy fire of God. “I started to vomit and then I felt something really special, because people started to carry me to the place where the prophet was. He prayed for me and I started to feel some strength inside me.”

Rosa now has calmness and strength within her. “Still the enemy will be there to attack me but I know that God will also fight for me,” she said. She gave a heart-felt word of advice: “You just need to do the right thing and follow Jesus. Trust Him all the time. Do not open the door to devil so that you can be free.”

TB Joshua Ministries

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