Tb Joshua PeruUncontrollably welling within, her anger reached bursting point. Only one devilish thought flashed incessantly through her mind – to destroy TB Joshua at all cost. Rushing towards him in a violent fit of rage, a supernatural force suddenly hit her, crashing her to the ground. Evil was defeated!

The malicious spirit of anger had plagued Cezia Carassa’s life for almost as long as she could remember. “I used to hit my husband and punch him in the face,” she recalled. “I used to get really mad. It was really strange force inside me.”

Tb Joshua Peru CeziaCezia didn’t really want to attend the crusade with Prophet TB Joshua but curiosity eventually triumphed and she decided to join 50,000 other attendees at the historic event.

“When the Mass Prayer started, I went down to the pitch because I wanted to destroy Prophet TB Joshua,” she candidly described. “I felt a huge force inside me. I wanted to attack everyone. I wanted to destroy.”

The demonic spirit of anger had been rudely exposed by the Spirit-filled prayer! “When I got near to the prophet, I felt some strength and force pushing me away from him. And then I fell.”

Since that Divine encounter, an incredible sense of peace and tranquility has filled Cezia’s life. “I felt that the opposite force that was pushing me to destroy things were gone. But other force made me new. I felt brand new! When I looked at the mirror, I was not the same. Before I used to look like an angry women, but right now I feel very new. And I look even younger!” Truly, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!

TB Joshua Ministries


  1. Congratulations to both this lady and the Church of God, ably represented in this occasion by SCOAN and the Prophet T B Joshua. If there was no power in the name of Jesus Christ, mighty power just in the name alone, Satan would have eaten each one of us and this saved lady raw. But thank God that at the name of Jesus every knee has been bowing, and shall continue to bow.

    At SCOAN we witness not just only countless miracles but the actual presence of the Holy Spirit. Anywhere Prophet T B Joshua goes the presence of God goes with him. This simple act has confounded the faith of many and creating doubts, envy and hate. Events in SCOAN are real. Therefore throw away all your doubts, comparisons and judging others. Open your heart to Christ for directions. If He directs you to SCOAN please don’t hesitate to get there.

    Many of us have been seeking to have such a deep relationship with God daily but our unbelieving, self lust, of course Satan have deceived us out of the Garden of Eden. As we congratulate our Prophet T B Joshua for his Ministry our prayer to him is also that he may be able to continue to contribute to the teaching and raising more disciples for Jesus. Many of them from different nationalities are already taking lessons. The world needs more disciples for Jesus.

    Religion has filled the entire universe but the foundation laid by Jesus for eternal life has become obscured and invisible to many. May we daily experience the presence of God in our life and be set free from every bondage of Satan.



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