God of Prophet T.B. Joshua Transformed Me, Formal Lesbian

Lesbian TB Joshua

Miss Doris Ugbaji has come today to The SCOAN to testify to how God Almighty has set her free from evil spirits that had been dominating her entire life.

The whole problem started when she was very young. She noticed at the age of 8 years that her father used to bring a lot of men to the house and she always wondered what they were doing but her father only told her that she was too young. As time went on, they started taking her to a river to bath her but she never knew that there was something deeper attached to the rituals she went through.

One day, a girl in her class approached her and told her she wanted to be her friend. Miss Doris accepted and they started developing a friendship. One night, the girl woke her up in the midnight and started to caress her. Suddenly, an urge from within pushed her to respond and after that night, she realized that her affection had changed – she no longer had any affection for boys but only for girls like her. After that, their skewed relationship developed into having affairs every day – sometimes, they would take excuse from their lessons in order to go and meet at some private place. It got so bad that if her girlfriend saw her with other girls, she would start fighting her, accusing her of being unfaithful. As time continued and she left the boarding school, she continued having affection for ladies and threw herself into many bizarre relationships with ladies like her. She said that she would immediately recognize people who ‘were like her’ as there would be a connection immediately. She also masturbated a lot and watched all kinds of pornography. Sometimes, she would see a woman sleeping with her in her dreams. When she woke up, she could lock herself in her room and masturbate for three days consecutively.

As the problem got more serious, she started looking for a solution to her problem and some of her relatives advised her to come to The SCOAN for her deliverance. She came to The SCOAN, not knowing what God had in store for her but had in her mind that she wanted a solution to her ever increasing problem. As the mass prayer started, suddenly, she felt something in her spirit and she lost consciousness. It was afterwards that she was told that she had undergone deliverance and that a spirit of woman had manifested from within her but that the power of God had cast it out.

After her deliverance, she realized that her lustful desire for women had vanished and her affection had been restored to normality. Today, she is thanking God for setting her free from her obnoxious lifestyle.

Advising viewers, she said that people who have similar challenges in their affection and habits should seek the face of God, because there is a solution to it in the name of Jesus Christ.

Glory be to God!

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