Ms Maria Ikeuze came to The SCOAN with a severe problem of leg ulcer and skin disease. Hardly able to move because of the pain, her whole life revolved around this wound. She was unable to go to the toilet on her own. She had to urinate and defecate in a bucket due to the pain. Constantly in pain and discomfort, she went from hospital to hospital in search of solution, but finding none. She became so desperate that she even dabbled into native doctor treatments.

The native doctors initiated her into a shrine and a ritual was performed on her to try to cure the wound, but all to no avail. On the brink of death, Ms Maria expressed her desperation for healing to her brother who told her about The SCOAN and the miracles he saw happening. In one last attempt to find a solution, Ms Maria came to The SCOAN with her brother. After the man of God prayed for her, the pain of her wound instantly stopped. It began to dry up and within a few days it was completely gone. A problem that persisted for six years, left in just an instant. As she was prayed for, she was also delivered and disconnected from the kingdom of darkness. She advised the congregation to have faith in God and that the answer to our problems lies in the hands of Jesus Christ

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