scoan tb joshuaMiss Esther Kehinde, older sister Deborah and their father came to The SCOAN to thank God for the extraordinary thing He had done in replacing her head with the Cross. Yes, literally the Cross! Esther left the house for school and was expected back in the early evening. However, when the clock struck 7PM, 8PM, and continued to tick away into the late night, panic ran through the spines of her sister Deborah and their father. Deborah and their father united in prayers. Whilst their father prayed with Esther’s picture, Deborah ministered the Morning Water on the bed she shares with Esther and put a demand on the anointing by asking the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to return her sister home safely, wherever she had gone to.

Testimony TB JoshuaRecounting her experience that beggars belief, Esther said on her way back from school, an unknown man had approached and knocked her down unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she found herself in the midst of several wailing captives. She was at sea as to what was happening and why they were crying. Within seconds, she saw people beheaded and sliced into bits. That was the moment it dawned on her that she had been lined up to be killed at any time. As she looked around and at the killers, a demand came in to request fresh blood. “Yes, there is a new arrival,” one of the henchmen said, pointing in the direction of Esther. The thought of being beheaded and her flesh sold to the human flesh and blood buyers rushed through her mind. She was motioned to place her head on the chopping board. She obliged. When the killer raised his ax up to chop off Esther’s head, he cried out saying he saw a Cross instead of a human head. This threw the killer into a frenzy and shoved Esther aside. Another standing by asked Esther, “Which Church do you attend?” Esther responded: “The Synagogue Church Of All Nations.” The man’s next question was about Esther’s Pastor. When she told him that her Pastor was Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man did not hesitate to show Esther the exit. As Esther took to her heels in the direction of escape from the shadows of death, a young boy attempted to escape along with her but he was quickly seized by the killer kidnappers and dismembered within minutes.

Sharing the same testimony as Esther, Deborah told people all over the world that after she offered the prayer, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua hold Esther’s hand through a bush path and handed her into her hands. “She has been released,” Prophet T.B. Joshua told Deborah in the dream. And indeed, Esther was released and returned home safely to narrate her ordeal through tears of joy. The two sisters and their father thanked God for His goodness in their lives. Esther also advised people all over the world to believe in the anointing in the Morning Water and minister it in faith, in Jesus’ name.

TB Joshua Ministry


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