“People like me are scared when it comes to collecting thanksgiving – because I don’t know where you are coming from with your money. Many can come with blood-money. They will just enter church and when it is time for offering, they will raise their offering whereas it’s blood-money. What can a man of God use that kind of blood-money for? Are they going to bless the man? This is why we ministers of God have so much to do. What we receive from our members as offering and thanksgiving is killing us.

When you see money given as offering in the church and the bowl is full – inside that is money from both good people and killers. The wicked people like the pastor to ask. If the pastor does not ask, they cannot give. If the pastor does not ask, praise them and recognise them, they cannot give. They like praise and recognition. If you want to avoid these people and stop them from putting money – don’t praise them. Let them know it’s God they give to, not you. Even don’t receive it directly.

If you don’t receive something directly from a killer, he will not give you – because he wants to be recognised. They like praise; that is their reward because they have no reward from God. To know them and recognise them is their reward. What comes from God goes to God. If what you have is from God, it will go to God – you don’t have any recognition from the pastor. Whatever you want to give God, you give it.”

TB Joshua Ministries


  1. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah. Secret revealed. When God’s servant speaks forth, the wise listen. Let the Reader understand


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