Manchester United Academy and England U17 Captain healed by TB Joshua

In today, April, 23 Sunday services at the Synagogue Church of all nations, SCOAN Lagos, Nigeria, aspiring football star Angel Gomes, 16 years old from Manchester, UK, who came to the SCOAN due to leg injuries, was among those that were healed during the massive ministration of healings and deliverances by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Angel Gomes plays with the under 17 Manchester United Academy and is presently the Captain of the under 17 England Team. Despite huge hopes for his future, regular injuries, coupled with hip and groin pain had begun to fade the glory ahead of him.

“I’ve known The SCOAN for a long time” he said, as his family are avid fans of Emmanuel TV and when time permitted, would regularly join to watch. So, when threats to his bright future loomed, it only seemed right for Angel to visit the church he had been watching many others healed and set free from hindrances trying to hold them back or down from their bright destinies.

He explained that anytime important matches would come up, he would have an injury or pain would emerge affecting his performance. At The SCOAN, he asked Prophet T.B. Joshua to help him, knowing what was at stake. Prophet T.B. Joshua responded with Spirit-filled prayer tapping Angel’s affected legs.

Immediately after the prayer the young footballer started exercising – jumping up and down to confirm his healing. He spoke afterwards to testify that the hip and groin pain had gone instantly. With trials for the Euro 2017 U-17 tournament coming up this week for Gomes, truly the best is yet to come!

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