The last six years of Livia Marti´s life had been hellish. At 74, she was supposed to be enjoying a peaceful and restful retirement, but instead she was in constant pain, 24 hours a day. She had a bad fall which resulted in six of her vertebrae being crushed. Livia was rushed to hospital where she spent six days and was operated upon. They inserted stints in her back in an attempt to straighten her spine. The doctors also gave her a lumbar corset to relieve the suffering but it was only a temporary solution. Ï couldn’t stand, sit or walk normally” she said. “It was even difficult to sleep as I had to always try and stay in one posiition¨ Livia explained.

On Day 1 of the Paraguay Crusade, Livia was in attendance and full of expectant faith. At the Prayer Line, she received a mighty touch from Jesus Christ through Prophet T.B. Joshua. ¨Immediately something happened and strength returned to me. I took off my lunar corset and walked without pain or assistance!” Livia joyfully testified as she demonstrated how she can walk freely now. “You only need to have faith in God. He is the only One who can work miracles in your life¨ Livia concluded with a beaming smile.

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