I Felt A Hot Sensation Move Through My Body Then A Fresh Breeze

Eulalia Servin Conturion, a mature hospital administrator had become limited in her work due to physical constraints. Her vision had dwindled and her breathing had become difficult due to pressure on her chest from three herniated discs that had appeared on her spine – after lifting an elderly woman from her seat.

Nine years later, the pain only grew worse and her workload had been reduced to only two days a week.

A pitiful case but Jesus made a way to locate her when he sent His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua to her nation, Paraguay.

12 hours before the first day of the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Eulalia’s sister called her to inform her of the event. Evlalia instantly agreed to go along knowing it was the answer to her prayers. Despite the crowd, Eulaia stood in faith and received a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, “He touched the exact point in my back that caused my breathing problem. I felt a hot sensation move through my body then a fresh breeze” she said. Her lumbar corset was removed and she moved pain free.

Today she testifies of multiple healings’ – her eyes that were bloodshot and watery have become clear, the pain that restricted her in many ways has disappeared and she now breathes with ease.

Eulalia advised others to prepare their hearts saying, “God is able to heal but people must prepare their hearts to receive”. Yes, as Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “It’s not all up to God and certainly it is not just all up to you, it takes both God’s ability and man’s willingness to bring about redemption”.

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