Graciela Nunez

Critical. A decision that could make or break her. Should she fly to USA for the surgery or wait behind to attend the Crusade? Varying emotions fought within. She had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua before but a strange compulsion kept propelling her – if she could only attend that Crusade in Estadio Defensores del Chaco, her life would NEVER remain the same…

When Graciela Nunez was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour, the family feared for the worst. Medical doctors in more than three different countries grimly informed the Paraguayan that she required an instant surgery because the positioning of the tumour was extremely dangerous. Such operation could only be done in a specialist hospital in USA, they said.

The symptoms of the tumour were dire. A searing migraine left her facing intense pain on a daily basis, coupled with dimming vision which left her unable to behold lights. Forced to wear sunglasses when going outside and unable to even read text messages on her cell phone or watch television, Graciela – the daughter of Paraguay’s former Chief Justice – was at a crossroads.

As the date for her operation in America loomed, Mrs Nunez learned of an unusual event that was about to take place in Asuncion, Paraguay. “I had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua before but the moment I learned about the Crusade, I made the decision to attend,” she recalled. Cancelling her flight to America to attend the momentous event, Graciela termed the moment that Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her as ‘supernatural’. “I just found myself on the floor,” she testified. Upon rising up, something incredible had transpired – she was able to look at lights! “The pain in my head disappeared and I suddenly was able to look at the floodlights in the stadium!”

From that moment onwards, Graciela has been free from pain! “My wife has been sleeping well, her vision has restored and she is no more having headaches,” her husband excitedly added. “It’s an absolute miracle! The brain tumour has gone!”

What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!

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