When Norma fell from a storey building landing on her back with a horrid crunch onto metal rails, everything went black and she thought it was over. Indeed all who witnessed the incident assumed the same – “Instant death…” “She’ll never survive that…” “She’ll be paralysed from waist down” were comments from distraught passersby.

Miraculously Norma neither died nor was paralysed. However, she suffered three herniated discs in her spine, making walking a very cumbersome, painful task. The doctors advised her to use a lumbar corset which brought a slight relief but the accident left an indelible mark on her everyday life. She couldn’t bend, walk, sit or sleep without a lot of discomfort. This torment continued for four long years.

When Norma heard about T.B. Joshua coming to Paraguay her faith soared. She believed with all her heart that Jesus Christ would heal her back. At the Prayer Line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her, Norma felt a mighty force propel her to stand up and walk. Her lumbar corset was promptly removed and she discovered that she could walk as before without pain. Tears of joy flowed down her face, as she screamed, “Thank You, Jesus!”

Although now 60 years old, Norma was able to run and jump like a little girl again, all her symptoms vanishing into oblivion as quickly as they came.

By an act of faith, after the crusade, Norma went home on a motorbike. This was not possible before as the constant bumping would make her back pain too unbearable to handle. Today, she visited the Emmanuel TV team, on a motorbike once more, as clear evidence of the complete and perfect healing of Jesus Christ.

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