A few days before Prophet T.B. Joshua’s arrival in the nation of Paraguay, Mrs Lucila Fretes received a phone call from a complete stranger, informing her of the upcoming crusade in the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco. Intrigued, she browsed the internet to find out more about who this prophet was.

Lucila suffered from a debilitating spine problem that had plagued her life for more than ten years. She had to wear a cumbersome lumbar corset. The doctors had predicted a lifetime of agony for Lucila, prompting dark and suicidal thoughts.

Upon watching some of the Emmanuel TV videos on YouTube, she prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua and touched the screen of her PC. To her shock, she started vomiting a foul-smelling substance and within her heart, she knew that her healing and deliverance was just beginning. Her encounter with Jesus Christ through praying along with T.B. Joshua propelled her to bring her whole family to attend the crusade.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Lucila, she testified that, “Something took control of her body and I felt my spine straightening!” Suddenly the chronic pain of many years disappeared. Energised by her new-found healing and freedom, Lucila jumped for joy and ran for the glory of God.

Sharing with the Emmanuel TV Team the magnitude of her testimony, Lucila explained how she could now cook, shower and hug her two beautiful daughters without any difficulty – something that were impossible before the Crusade day.

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