The siren blared. The tyres screeched. The ambulance tore through the streets, a flash of red and white slicing through the inky skies. Inside the speeding vehicle, Mrs Sandra Gamana lay stiff, frozen in the vicelike grip of an epileptic attack. The problem which had tormented her since youth only seemed to be intensifying in frequency as despite increasing her medication, the attacks were coming every fortnight. “We lived in constant fear,” her husband remarked, “Even when all seemed well, we could never be certain that all was well, especially when she was alone.”

The nature of the epileptic attacks Mrs Gamana suffered struck without warning and without mercy, causing her to blackout and fall hazardously to the ground anywhere she was, caught in its vicious trap. She had been hospitalized so many times due to her constant collapses that she no longer tried to keep track of them. There seemed not to be any way out and the medical prognosis of her condition offered little hope for the future. The couple then, turned their attention to God. Hearing about the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, they registered their interest to attend and went in faith that God’s restoring hands would touch her broken life.

At the Prayer Line, as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached, a pulse of the power of God reverberated from soul to soul along the Prayer Line and as irresistible as the tide, the anointing of God threw the evil spirit hiding in Mrs Gamana into the open, where it confessed, “I am epilepsy; I destroyed her dreams. I entered her through hatred.” With a touch from the Prophet, the evil spirit was hurled out of the woman’s life as her body flopped to the floor, finally free from the life of fear and uncertainty. When she rose up, “It was as if I came out of a swimming pool” she exclaimed as she described the tangibility of her liberation.

“I am so thrilled by what has happened to my wife since the crusade”, her husband remarked. Adding that his wife had not suffered any attacks or problems since her deliverance. “I have such great confidence now that no matter where she is or whom she is with, all is well”. Indeed, all is well for this family in Christ Jesus.

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