Nine years of agony. Nine years of deceleration. Nine years of restlessness. Mrs Gimenez had become accustomed to the dulling reality that she would never walk again. The arthritis that ravaged her body was only getting worse as time steadily progressed. Rendered utterly dependent on a wheelchair and the supportive assistance of family members, Julia lay most of the day in bed, hoping beyond hope that some cure to her restiveness would one day emerge.

A sparkle of hope came when she learned of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s impending crusade in the nation of Paraguay. Could this be her moment? “I had the confidence that if the man of God prayed for me, I would walk again,” Julia recalled. “That day was a very special day for me!” As Prophet T.B. Joshua approached the infirm lady, he began praying for her in the power of the Holy Spirit. “To my greatest surprise, I saw myself standing up and walking!” She didn’t just walk; Julia ran!

One week later, the Paraguayan returned in the company of her husband, formerly a skeptic. “I didn’t believe and even thought she was crazy for going to the Crusade,” he admitted. “But I was watching live on YouTube and saw her healing. I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour!” Ever since that encounter, Julia has been walking in the light of her testimony ever since – telling everyone that Jesus Christ is still alive and working.

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