Paraguay crusade 2017When Mrs Andrea Caseres was delivered at Day 1 of the Paraguay Crusade in Asuncion, few watching knew how dark and desperate her story had been.
Born into extreme poverty, Andrea was the eldest child and from a very young age, she found herself forced to provide for the family. They lived off the street and when there was no food to be found, stealing was the only option. Andrea didn’t know that it was wrong; she merely saw it as a way of surviving. A strong generational curse gripped the entire family. Her mum was sold at the age of eight years old for alcohol and very early on, similar addictions consumed all her children.

Andrea suffered from horrible evil attacks where she would see tiny creatures crawling up and down her legs. When she told her mother about this, she was thought crazy and was taken to various spiritualists for help. Soon, Andrea was introduced to drugs and alcohol and being high was part and parcel of her day to day living.

Andrea decided to go to Argentina in hope of getting more money for her family and soon after, she was introduced to prostitution. She had a baby who she had left with her mother. Andrea was also a cheerleader, struggling to make ends meet. Money was coming in but it was not enough. So, Andrea followed a friend who introduced her to the occult. As part of the initiation, she did a blood covenant and bathed with the blood of a rooster.

She was promised more wealth and prosperity and for a time, it seemed to be working. However, as soon as the cult leaders realised she was rich, they began cruelly demanding for money. When Andrea’s mother saw that her own portion was becoming smaller, she rejected the money and her daughter.

Andrea fell into depression and she got more and more addicted to drugs. She didn’t even remember how many men she slept with because she was always intoxicated. In the process of the prostitution, she terminated three pregnancies.

One day, while on the street, she saw a Bible and began to read it. While at a bar as she was waiting to collect customers, she felt a presence enter the room and come and sit down on the empty chair next to her. She then heard a voice, “What are you doing here?”
Immediately, she left and a Scripture jumped to her mind that if God could take care of the flowers and birds then, we are much more valuable than they (Matthew 6: 25-34).

A strong conviction filled her heart and she went back to Paraguay and started attending church and give her life to Jesus. After that, many things improved. She got married, stopped the drugs, alcohol and prostitution and attained a stable job. However her painful past continued to torment her. She would often get depressed and her dreams were filled with voices of the dead. Her daughter also suffered evil attacks.

But Andrea’s faith was strong and she knew that one day, she would be completely free from the evil forces and generational curses. When she heard that Prophet T.B. Joshua was coming to Paraguay for a miracle crusade, she immediately reached out to the sick in her community and brought up to twenty people for healing, some with critical conditions.

As Andrea stood at the Prayer Line accompanying a friend on a wheelchair, she didn’t even think about her case. Her entire prayers were for her family and friends who she had brought. As Prophet T.B. Joshua passed, he touched her head and she felt something like cotton wool on her forehead. A strong heat surged through her legs and something was working on her womb, three times. She didn’t know what happened next but saw herself standing up from the floor. Later, others told her that the destructive evil spirit which had possessed her had shouted and was cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Andrea testified with joy that after the deliverance, she is free, light and the heavy burden of the past is gone. She sleeps peacefully and is busy telling everyone the good things that the Lord has done in her life.
She advised that there is no problem too deep, dark or terrible that Jesus cannot solve. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Follow Him!

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