Prophet T.B Joshua

You need to believe that what you are asking of God is already received now because very much is promised to our believing. As a man of faith, you would not wait to receive the answer before you start giving thanks to God. When we give thanks to God, we believe He is working out the answer.

David believed he had won the battle even before the battle began. David spoke the Words of faith and the giant fell. Anyone can shout after the victory is won but it takes faith to shout before the walls fall (Joshua 6:16).

Our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us by His own example to call God, “Father”, in prayer and to draw near Him in reverence and thanks. He looked up and said, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. I know that You always hear Me.” What an absolute faith. This is an expression of absolute faith in His Father that His Father was already working out the answer even before He prayed.

Jesus looked up and said, “Thank You Father, I know You have always answered Me”. This means, “This one I am about to pray for, You have already answered”.

Remember, if you believe in Him, you can say what He has said; you can do what He has done. In John 17:18, Jesus said to His disciples, ‘As the Father has sent Me, so send I you’.

Whatever situation you are in, fear not. Ask Jesus to open the eyes of your faith that you may see His protecting hand. Ask Him to open your heart to His faith. Ask Him to open your heart to His Word. Ask Him to open your heart to His Spirit so that you may understand what His will is about your situation.

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