tb joshua scoanDouglas Martinez suffered from severe sleep apnea. In fact, severe is a dramatic understatement. A medical study of his sleep patterns shockingly revealed how he would stop breathing up to forty times in a single night. “I would have to wake up several times in the night to monitor him,” revealed his mother, Vanessa. “Sometimes, he looked as if he had died.”

His survival was dependent on the use of a machine. Even then, he would wake up physically tired – as if he had not slept at all. This rippled into a lazy lifestyle that soon caused the young American to become excessively overweight. The family discovered Emmanuel TV on YouTube and resolved to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to seek Divine healing. However, God had other plans! When they learned Prophet T.B. Joshua would be coming to the Dominican Republic, they knew their Divine appointment had come.

“After the prophet prayed for me, I slept last night without the machine for the first time in many years,” Douglas testified. “I am now feeling more energetic and am able to take deeper breaths! Remarkably, the entire family were partakers of the liberating anointing. Vanessa and her daughter Noemy also received healing from severe back problems, both throwing their lumbar corsets away after prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Indeed, the history of their family has been rewritten!

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