scoan tb joshua The prognosis was grim; the pain was grimmer. When the doctors soberly informed Dorota Cizema that her days on earth were numbered, she was understandably devastated. However, a faith-fuelled journey took the Polish lady living in Spain to the Dominican Republic where a faith-filled touch changed everything!

Diagnosed with the problem of terminal ovarian cancer, Dorota’s symptoms continued to worsen. She was weak, lost appetite for any food and had a large swollen stomach. Restricted to a wheelchair to support her mobility, doctors said her case was hopeless. Learning about the Crusade that was to take place in the Dominican Republic, she believed that receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua was her only hope.

“As the prophet began to pray for me, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and my whole body began to shake,” she said, reliving the supernatural experience. Immediately after that encounter, she felt relieved and strong, standing up instantly from her wheelchair. Returning to her hotel that evening, she noticed that her once swollen belly was flat and normal. Her friend, Margarite, corroborated the incredible transformation in Dorota’s life. “I advise everyone to never lose hope; in every situation, God has the final say.”

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