With a heart full of faith, Maria Elena Guillen traveled from the nation of Peru to the crusade in the Dominican Republic believing that Jesus Christ was going to heal her from a large fibroid that grew to be the size of her hand. For seven long years this problem brought a great deal of pain and embarrassment into her life because it would cause her to frequently urinate. The problem affected her work and daily activities. As a result she suffered from anxiety attacks and became nervous in public. She went from doctor to doctor to find a solution but they said she would need to undergo a risky surgical process with the side effect of being unable to have children.

At the crusade, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and she felt a healing sensation all over her body. Immediately, she was relieved from all the pain that was caused by the fibroid. To the glory of God, Maria is free and is no longer going to the toilet frequently. She advised everyone to give their life to God because He is the only Source of Hope.

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