When Victory Imasuen and Osazee Aghimie embarked on their journey to Libya along with other fellow brethren, they did not envisage the misfortune that awaited them. Today, all they can tell of their experience is a Tale of Woe. According to them, words are not enough to describe the terrible experience they went through.

Narrating his own ordeal in the nation of Libya, Victory Imasuen said he was a professional barber before heeding to the advice of a friend to journey out of the country for greener pastures. He started his journey after making a payment of about N150,000 to the burger. However, he ended up being sold to kidnappers who demanded another money from him as ransom in order to regain his freedom. Before he could finally gather the amount of N250,000 demanded, he received the series of beatings that became a part of his life aside from being confined to a dungeon where he was squashed along with about 200 people. He later ended up in the deportation camp where he granted an interview to CNN about his torment in Libya.

Osazee’s tale of woe also started the moment he entered the Hilux in his bid to cross over to Europe. It was indeed a hazardous journey that finally landed him in Libya prison and finally deported to Nigeria.

Having been deported to Nigeria, life looked so bleak, not knowing where or who to turn to. However, having heard of the kind gesture of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners to fellow Libya deportees, Victory and Osazee together with thousands of other deportees decided to come to The SCOAN for a total overhauling of their lives.

During their initial visit, alongside other colleagues, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners blessed them with huge sum of money running to millions of Naira.

As they further shared their experiences during the Live Sunday service, Victory and Osazee were given an additional sum of N200,000 Naira each by Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners to help them get back on their feet.

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