tb joshua scoanDessy Aquino held onto life. Barely. Her body was riddled with a complicated array of infirmities. The doctors diagnosed lupus but no medical terminology could do justice in explaining the disastrous effects of the disease. Practically bedridden for seven years, Dessy took a cocktail of drugs just to make it through the day. Pain was an overwhelming understatement. “There was no part of my body which was not affected,” she explained.

Her fragility impeded any ability to work or cater for her young children. “Most of the day, I would stay at home on the bed.” Visits to doctors and hospitals became a nauseating norm and the news was mostly depressing. “I was told there was no cure to my affliction; it would only get worse and worse and worse.” In the midst of the physical trauma emerged a marital mess. Dessy’s husband left her, unable to cope with her debilitating condition. It was misery without mercy.

When all hope seemed lost, the young Dominican courageously resolved to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, knowing that she needed a miracle. For ten months, she had been bleeding. Constantly. “When the prophet prayed for me, I fell to the floor. When I rose up, I was a new person!” That was it. One Divine moment of glory! One supernatural transferral of power! One glorious touch from Heaven! “Instantly, the bleeding stopped,” Dessy testified. “All the pain, fatigue and weakness have gone, as have the constant migraines.” Everything satan had stolen from her through sickness began getting gloriously restored. “I started working the following week – my first job in over one year and a half. God has given me back life!” No natural words can explain this turnaround; it can only be GOD!!!

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