Prophet T.B. Joshua, of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) who is well known for his charitable deeds, has again within the week give out the sum of N8,850,000 Naira to a new set of Libya deportees that come to the SCOAN for refuge and financial assistance.

Bellow is the post made on the TB Joshua Ministries’ Facebook page about the humanitarian assistance the Prophet and Emmanuel TV Partners gave to the deportees:

Scenes like the below have become an everyday occurrence at The SCOAN as IOM, a UN migration agency, continue to round up those who became stranded, sold, beaten, in prostitution and involved in all sorts of degrading acts because they took an illegal journey to reach ‘greener pastures’.

Today, they have been brought back home. As each set lands, many of them find their way to the doorstep of The SCOAN hearing of T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners ever-ready response to their needs. This week alone the staggering amount of N8, 850,000 have been given to the deportees, to help them get back on their feet. Words of encouragement and faith-building items were also given out to help point them to Jesus Christ and the right way to make it in life.

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