Tb Joshua Peru scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When I was a child, at my small age, I was very shy – to the extent that I could not stand before a crowd. But for the school of persecution, rejection, intimidation, condemnation and name calling, here I am today – a graduate of persecution, rejection, intimidation and name calling. These things have emboldened me to stand before crowds to preach the Gospel.

Mind you, these things are not brought to pass by anything done by me. All boasting is excluded. There is no room for any man’s boasting of his abilities and powers. It is the Lord’s doing. Mark 12:10-11 – ‘The stone which the builders rejected has come to become the chief cornerstone. It is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes’. That rejection is the Lord’s doing so that He can take all glory and honour on us. That persecution is the Lord’s doing so that He can bring out the best out of us.

Whatever negative comment people must have made in the past about me, God allowed it so that He can use it to speak strength and courage into my life. If I had been loved and accepted by everyone, I would have grown up being a weakling, depending on people to survive – I mean, waiting for people to direct me before I know what to do, say. But man’s rejection provokes God’s direction. When man rejects you, God would start to direct you.”

– Prophet TB Joshua

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