tb joshua scoan 2018

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Viewers all over the world, Happy New Year! What do you understand by ‘New Year’? It is a gift from God – a part of the Divine nature of God. In the New Year therefore, you are called to God’s kind of lifestyle – His divine essence in terms of faithfulness, steadfastness and love.

God is the reason for the year. If God is the reason, nothing of God can be possible unless our heart is pure. Jesus said in Matthew 5:8 – “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. Psalm 66:18 says, “If we regard inequity in our heart, the Lord will not hear us”. To regard inequity is to hold offence, pain of the past and bitterness. When you hold a grudge against a brother, you have already grieved the Holy Spirit.

Let us remove every barrier between our heart and the Spirit of God. Viewers, I command that barrier to be removed in the name of Jesus. Be removed! Be removed, in the name of Jesus! This barrier could be an unforgiving spirit, holding offence or pain of the past. Whatever wall, whatever barrier, I command it to be removed. Let there be relationship! Let the relationship between you and God in this New Year be reestablished in Jesus’ Name! Receive a free spirit – a spirit that is free from offence, bitterness, unforgiveness and pain of the past. Receive it in Jesus’ name, I command!

Jesus started with prayer. Prayer is the master key. Let me usher you into the New Year with prayer. Viewers, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. I believe your relationship with God has been reestablished because our heart is the prayer room. Let us pray!

At the command of Jesus, Peter walked on the sea. At the command of Jesus, Blind Bartimaeus regained his sight. I command every unfavourable situation in your life to cease, to end with the year 2017, in Jesus Christ’s name. In your career, business, health, marriage, family, country – let every unfavourable situation end with 2017! That career that has been asleep, that business that has been asleep, that health that has been asleep – I say, “Good morning to you all!” It is a new dawn! Happy New Year!

Viewers, I know there is something you want me to mention – the prophecy for the year. We must wait for God’s time to make this known to you.


  1. thank you Jehovah God thru Jesus for annoying you.indeed we receive this for sight with blessings and gratitude.I pray that I shall hold on the faith and restore my pure friendship with God coz he alone deserves my worship.please continue putting me and NY family in prayer so that we hold this grace steadfastly. may he bless you more for his glory.amen📿


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