tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When you are a man of vision, no matter what constitutes obstacles on your way, you can never be stopped: Opposition cannot stop you; blackmail cannot stop you. Instead of pressure and tension to force you to reduce your vision, they would even enlarge your strategies.

Opposition makes a man of vision to discover and develop better strategies to further his cause in the presence of his enemies. A man without opposition has no need to develop strategies.

For example, I am running and somebody is running after me, if that person running after me is an enemy and he increases his speed, I must also double my speed in order to prevent him from catching up with me. The more your enemies are after you, the more you pray. I mean, the more you need to improve your quiet moments for devotion.”

– Prophet T.B. Joshua

One thought on “A MAN OF VISION!

  1. Oh Holy Spirit take more of me, give me more of You. Open my heart to your Spirit, open my heart to your Word, open my heart to your Faith


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