Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Many go to church today. How many are there to see Jesus? Remember, many go to church to negotiate business. Some go to church in search of marriage partners. Some go to church to meet friends and relations they have been eager to see for a long time. Different things bring people to the church. How many actually go to church to see Jesus?

Blind Bartimaeus was not there to beg for alms and he was not there to be seen by men – he was there to see Jesus. How many of us are in the church to see Jesus? If you are there to see Jesus, you must show your faith as someone who wants to see Jesus.

You say you are born again, but your old self is still very much around you. You talked too much before you were said to be born again, and now you say you are born again you still talk too much. Everything you used to do in the past, you still do. If you are really born of faith, you are to be consistent in your confession. You say, “Jesus is the Lord.” Does what you are doing show that Jesus is the Lord?”

– T.B. Joshua

One thought on “ARE YOU BORN AGAIN?

  1. Oh Holy Spirit take more of me, give me more of You. Open my heart to Your Word, open my heart to Your Spirit, open my heart to Your Faith. Amen


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