The Korean Peace Meeting – How the Man in the Synagogue Sew It Coming

Who would have imagined that a time will come, when the two Korea neighbours – the North and South Korea would willingly come together depict the past tension between both nations to discuss on how they can live peacefully as neighbours.

This is the reality before our own very eyes. The Korea brothers have in the past few months seen the need to make strong diplomatic moves that will see to an end, their long-time disagreement.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un will on Friday, April 27, 2018 walk across the demilitarized zone to the southern side for a historic summit with the South’s President Moon Jae-in, in a high powered level meeting. This encounter by the Koreas is likely to pave ways for a peace treaty that will bring to an end, the long-time conflict between the two Korea nations.

It is, however, important to note that since the time of this conflict – with the threat of war, Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of all Nations has been in the forefront blowing the trumpet of peace and unity among the Korea brothers. Even when it seems others have already taking a side and were beating the drum of war, the Prophet of God was prophetically suggesting useful ways on how peace can be restored among both brothers in other to prevent a situation whereby another crisis will be added to the already tensed world.

It also important to note that, this unanticipated event of peace talks between the Korea brothers – the South and the North was prophesied by Prophet T.B. Joshua on the 3rd of April 2014, while ministering at a pastor’s conference in South Korea. The Prophet said: “In your country here [South Korea], whatever threat you are having now is not a threat. You will still come to the table to talk reconciliation between you and the North. There is no fight between South and North. Whatever threat now, they will still come together and discuss. They will not fight but there will be threat, threat, threat There will be gunshot threat but you will still discuss. There will be reconciliation. I am seeing reconciliation coming. Discussion will come.” says the Prophet who is so much concern about world peace. Prophet T.B. Joshua believes in a crisis-free world and he has continued to make himself available for God to use him to fulfil that cause.

We thank God that the two brother nations have yielded to the voice of God and have seen reasons why they should embrace peace since nobody benefit in war. They are wise to have avoided a situation in the cause of war whereby, their region will become an experimental ground for dangerous weapons of man’s destructions. We pray for a successful peace talk between the Korea nations, in Jesus’ Name…Amen!

Bellow is the video of the Prophet Prophecy:

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