tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“You have not yet arrived. This is the time you should be expecting persecution. People will embarrass you. That will help you to give yourself to prayer. The more you are embarrassed, the more you give yourself to prayer. Our troubles help us to maintain our union with God. Those of us who are yearning to grow in God should be expecting it.

“Take your time to read and study the life of T.B. Joshua – my antecedents. When you look at my antecedents, you will see I have more degrees in persecution than praise. I am a professor when it comes to persecution but I am just a first degree holder in praise. I am not expecting praise because my reward is over there.” – T.B. Joshua

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  1. We thank God for the gift of Prophet T. B. Joshua and all the team and Munistries under him. We are aware of his birth, history, growth, development, movement from Arigidi to Lagos and now becoming a very famous and world renown Prophet. Thank you Jesus.

    In particular T. B. Joshua has brought back to this age the old Apostolic Ministry we read in the Bible. We have some impressions of what Jesus came to do and to teach. Truly T. B. Joshua is a called Prophet and he has been trying to obey his call fully, despite this corrupt and insincere generation. Our prayers are always for him and for all those who love and are obeying Jesus Christ wholly.

    The degree in persecution he mentioned has rather grown him. Those of us who really love him and keenly following him have been rather apprehensive how our Prophet T. B. Joshua would manage success. He had been able to manage poverty, abuse, persecution but how would he perform under national and global praise?

    Let us jointly continually pray for our Prophet and all those who work with him. The harvest is still plentiful but the labourers are also still very few. Prophet T. B. Joshua, or any of us expecting the coming of Jesus Christ, cannot afford to look backward or looking at the bruises and pains of persecution. He shouldn’t be talking about it at all right now because it makes us feeling the pain rather than singing our usual song of “Thank you Jesus”.

    Let the grace of God in Christ Jesus be sufficient for Prophet T. B. Joshua and also for all of us who love to see Jesus coming from the air with His angels. So come Lord Jesus to take your Saints home.


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