tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Nobody wants to be on the outside; everyone desires to have a feel of belonging to a unified whole. Everyone wants to belong. Everyone wants to be recognised. Everyone wants to be noticed. Nothing God makes is a whole in itself; everything is a part. I mean, everything God created requires a connection. The earth is not a whole in itself but a part of a bigger whole – the universe. For example, Lagos as a state cannot claim to be a whole in itself because it is a part of a bigger whole, Nigeria. Nigeria cannot claim to be a whole in itself because it is a part of a bigger whole, Africa.

Everything God created cannot stand in itself; it has to be connected to other parts. This is so, so that no one can boast. Every person God created is a part of a whole. No one is a whole in himself. In other words, the way we are all connected is beyond what a sentence can explain. This is so, so that no one can boast.

That is why I do not fancy it when people say, “I am General Overseer;” “I am the Chairman;” “I am the Chief Executive of this or that”. You General Overseer, remember, you depend on other people in your ministry for the smooth running of your organisation. Every person in that organisation is a solution to a problem in that ministry. Then how are you General Overseer when you, as a person, are just a solution to a problem?

In other words, we are all connected to one another in a way too fundamental to be explained away in a single sentence:

  • The mouth needs words,
  • The ears need sounds,
  • The eyes need a view,
  • The feet need to go places.

Such is the relationship that exists among the created things, of which man is one.


  1. The message by the man of God is a hundred percent correct. The world over most high placed children of God think of themselves not about those below them. They leave a lavish lifestyle in the expense of their followers. In fact they should emulate the example of the man of God Prophet TB Joshua. I thank God for given prophet TB Joshua and may Almighty God continue using him as the light of the world which is being refused by those who don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear.


  2. The message of the prophet has a lot of lessons learnt and it acts as guide to living together by children of God. I personally have benefited greatly. My appreciation goes to Almighty God for using Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel Tv partners. May Almighty God bless them more Amen.


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