tb joshua, Scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

What is your situation today? As a Christian, do a proper reflection and you would see that behind your situation lies God’s purpose for your life.

In spite of his nagging wife and his misleading friends, Job did not allow his emotions to overrule his reasoning. On proper reflection, he rebuked his wife saying, “When the goings were good, you said, ‘To God be the glory!’ Now that things are tough, you say, ‘God be cursed’” (Job 2:10). If Job had not done a proper reflection, he would have yielded to his emotions and cursed God. On proper reflection, he came to realise that God and not Job himself, was the central character and that the issue at hand was faith and not suffering.

He knew that events that seem ordinary to us might have an extraordinary effect in the spirit, much of which is hidden from the ordinary eye. It was the reality of the experience that actually kept Job’s faith alive. In other words, it was this realization that actually kept him from sinning against God in the face of pressure and tension.

The case of Job is an example of how true children of God should handle temptations. Remember how much loss he had to put up with: His wealth, children, health and companions – he lost all. What situation are you in today? Is it sickness, poverty, inability to bear children, isolation or rejection?

Remember that events that seem ordinary may have extraordinary effects in the spirit, much of which is hidden from the ordinary eye. It takes the reflective mind to discover that behind your situation lie God’s promises for your life. Sit and reflect; you will discover that nothing happens for nothing. That situation you are in does not come by chance; it is as it should be by divine will. It may be to reform, preserve, or prepare you for a better position. Mention any Biblical character and you would see how much of this he had to endure to come to a new level in life.

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