tb joshua, Scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“As a Christian, whatever situation you are in now – are you sick? Are you poor? Are you facing disappointment? Are you lonely? What is your situation? Don’t despair. You are only being preserved for your proper position and possession in Christ. It may be to prepare you for the challenges ahead. It may be to reform you for a better position in Christ. It may be to keep you for a new level in life. Remember, as a Christian whatever level we find ourselves, we believe the best is yet to come. Don’t despair – God sometimes uses foolish things to reveal His purpose in our lives.”

– Prophet T.B. Joshua

One thought on “DON’T DESPAIR!

  1. Thank you, Dear Prophet Joshua for delivering a True and Powerful Messages to us all. The messages are truly encouraging me, strengthen me, open my mind of understanding and lift up my desire for God. I believe, so I take and practice them, I am not despair, I am not scare and I am not worried, and I no more allow myself to be scare and despair, it may comes on me but it goes away from me quickly because it has no more root in me and will be never again, because I am planting the Roots of The Words of God in my heart, so my body is now temple for The Words of God from now and forevermore. Hi, Dear Prophet Joshua, I may not there in the SCOAN in physical but I am always be there in the SCOAN in spirit, I say this with faith and trust in God, I am not going to separate myself from the SCOAN because this is the Living Church of our God Jesus Christ, I have no doubt on you at all, you are our Beloved Prophet and Brother and Mrs Evelyn is our Beloved Sister, I Love you all, Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Father, Amen!


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