Video: T.B. Joshua reveals the ‘two Christs’ in the church!!!

tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua has issued a stinging rebuke to the Church in an impassioned sermon, which has attracted over 70,000 views on YouTube in under one week.

“There has been a great mix-up in the Church,” Joshua stated in the message he preached on Sunday 30th September 2018. “It is the erroneous assumption that spiritual truths can be intellectual perceived,”he continued, stressing that being brought up in a Church background does not equate to ‘knowing Jesus’.

“Many people know about Christ but they don’t know Christ,” he added. “You can read your New Testament and still never find Jesus in it. You can be convinced that Jesus is the Son of God and still never find Jesus. You can be a publisher of the Bible.  You can know about Christ dying for you. You can head this or that religious organisation. You can be the Founder and General Overseer and still never know Jesus of Nazareth in the power of the Holy Ghost.”

According to the cleric, there are “two Christs”in the Church – “the Christ of story and of history and song – the baby Jesus”and “Christ which the Holy Spirit reveals”.

He went further to emphatically emphasise that “if you are reasoned into Christianity, some wise fellow can reason you out of it – unless you know the Holy Spirit… It is either the Holy Spirit or darkness.”

Joshua called congregants to a period of sober reflection about whether they were really Christians or merely “religious people”. “If today is your last day, where are you going,”he sombrely asked.

“If you are serving God without the Holy Spirit, you are serving a god you do not know,” he concluded, adding that this was the “greatest problem”faced by the Church today.

The message, which was titled ‘Knowing Jesus, Knowing The Holy Spirit,’ sparked reactions online from viewers of Joshua’s YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, which is nearing a whopping 1,000,000 subscribers.

“Listening to TB Joshua is like going to Harvard for free,”wrote Linda Atieno, an American. “Please don’t listen to anyone bad mouthing TB Joshua! Come and find for yourself the treasure in Nigeria – someone who will teach you how to grow closer and closer to God.”

By Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist

2 thoughts on “Video: T.B. Joshua reveals the ‘two Christs’ in the church!!!

  1. I listened to the sermon too and already wrote a response to SCOAN. The Church needs not just the right teaching and direction in its madness to build big edifices, large crowds and followers without the Holy Spirit. The hard truth must also sound offensive and condemning because we’d gone far astray and living in the Posperity Gospel.

    Learning of course must play its part, because even Jesus taught with every opportunity. He taught in the Synagogue, he taught many crowds, he taught his disciples, he taught Mary and Martha, he taught people everywhere. Hence intellectual learning must come from the source, the Holy Spirit. People like T. B. Joshua is an example of students being taught by the Holy Spirit in the Bible, in dreams and various others. A good PhD in Devinity is only a mere academic exercise.

    What we got in SCOAN, and from Prophet T. B. Joshua and his students, is not a new teaching but telling the truth of what ought to be the focus of the Church; being directed, filled and led by the Holy Spirit always, not some of the times.

    The leadership vacuum facing the Church of Christ today is being filled up by a T. B. Joshua. This may also mean that more teaching and living in the power of the Holy Spirit will be expected even from the same T. B. Joshua to bring home more forcefully the true Christ. The choice is between either the Christ of the crowd that gives food or the Christ of the Cross from whom most fled by gives salvation and resurrection.


  2. Amen. Thank you Dear Prophet Joshua, you are indeed a Truly Servant of Jesus Christ our God and Savior. No one preach the Gospel as you do. You preaching The Words of God with Power. Your ministry and your preaching and Teaching of faith (The Gospel) are different from other preachers. You are truly called by God for us. Since I Watching the Emmanuel TV and prayer along with you my faith have lifted up and up, my desire to obey God and His Commandments is my daily grow and my delightful, I am not going to anywhere anymore, I am so happy and rejoice to be part of the SCOAN. Since I watching the Emmanuel TV I have no doubt on you and your ministry and your preaching of faith, even some people have bad mouthed on you but I didnt listen to them or arguement with them, I just ignore them because they are possess by devil and the devil is blinded them. We love you Dear Prophet Joshua and Dear Mrs Evelyn and we are in faith and in obedient and journey with you and with all the faithful people of the SCOAN because we know and believe that Unique our Lord Jesus Christ alone is So Mightier and Powerfulness to healing and deliverance us through His servant Prophet Joshua and all the Wisemen. Dear man of God Prophet Joshua, I pray God and hopefully that one day our Lord Jesus Christ will lead you to Crusade in NSW, Australia, by the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen! Obedient The Words of God and Practice them is my daily duties, in the Name of Jesus Christ! Amen!
    I always watching my Emmanuel TV and prayer along with prophet Joshua. Amen


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